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Akito-Agito Wanijima

Page history last edited by Fortuna 9 years, 5 months ago

Akito/Agito Wanijima

Aliases Akito, Agito, Lind, Akgi or Akgido (OOC)
Canon Air Gear
Gender Male
Age Fourteen (14)
Species Human with MPD
Crimes committed Murder, disobedience, running from the law
Journal sky shark
Player Fortuna

Two sides of a three-sided MPD with Lind Wanijima, Akito and Agito are two split personalities both contained within the same body. However in game, they have been separated into their own bodies.



The boy's past is known by few, mostly from his own choice. Neither Akito or Agito like to talk about it.


Born Lind Wanijima, neither half of the teen remember anything of the time spent with that name. As far as he knows, Akito has always been who he is, living with his older brother Kaito Wanijima, whom he affectionately calls Onii-chan. Living in an RV in Japan, the boys lived in a world beginning to become obsessed with Air Treck.


Air Treck, or AT, were essentially two-wheeled rollerblades with motors in the wheels. When worn by one who knew what they were doing, they allowed amazing tricks to be performed, such as defying gravity and riding up vertical surfaces, leaping through the air. Each rider had a specific way to ride, creating 'scars'. These 'scars' built up over time to form a 'road'. The best riders of the road were known as the Kings, owners of the Regalia, powerful AT parts only used and mastered by the Kings.


Akito, by himself at this time, was brought up learning how to AT by his brother. Kaito had become a part of the police force, charged with taking down people who were misusing them for crimes. He trained Akito to help him, and while Akito was more than happy to help his brother, he didn't notice his beloved older brother changing, beginning to hate all riders. Kaito kept training him, and within time, Akito's natural ability earned him the title of Fang King of the Bloody Road, in possession of the Fang Regalia. Integrated into Kaito's SWAT team, Wind, he fought to bring down a band of criminals.


When his brother told him to ride how he'd been taught, he did. And was devestated to find that his training cause him to kill those riders. Kaito, impressed and not wanting his 'pet' to escape, caged him. Akito was utterly devestated by this betrayal and retreated into his mind. It was then he first heard the voice who would take his place in Wind, ride and kill for him, becoming his protector and the one he loved more than all.


"What...you don't want to ride?

Then...I'll ride for you."


That was the moment Agito was born.



NOTICE: Due to IC developments, Akito, Agito and Lind are now in their own bodies! Thus any mention of the three being in one body is now ICly incorrect.



An MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) is essentially when a single body has more than one personality within it. The term has now been changed to DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), but it's still the same thing.


Akito and Agito are two people living in the one body. They are quite aware of each other, to the point of being able to hear each other's thoughts (unless blocked from the other) and also being able to see one another, both in their mind and sometimes in the waking world (Agito once saw Akito standing to the side during one of his battles). They share control fairly evenly, and will often switch control without warning.


The eyepatch they wear dictates who is in control. If the left eye is showing, Akito will be out. If the right eye with slit pupil shows, Agito's in control. Though they never take it off except in special circumstances, if the eyepatch is ever removed switching between them becomes faster and more confusing for whoever they are talking to. It's entirely possible for Akito to start a sentence and have Agito speaking by the time it finishes. However, as mentioned, the eyepatch never comes off except in extreme circumstances.


I'll also add that if the patch is bumped and gets stuck right in the middle of their face, neither can take control. They'll be paralysed, unable to move until someone moves the patch. Like this, they are incredibly vulnerable.


To make distinction between the two easier, all of Agito's thoughts and words will be in blue font, while Akito's is black. This is not there ICly, it is a guide only.

EDIT: Now that Lind has appeared, his font will be in this colour. Check his page for more information in the third personality.



Akito's the light, and he's a little ball of fluff and sunshine. He's totally open and carefree, hating to see others hurt and always willing to make a new friend. He'll go out of his way to avoid fights and strongly discourages others from fighting. Anything cute gets an instant love from him. He also adores ice-cream. The light loves nothing more than seeing his friends happy and will go out of his way to see them smile. Akito loves to have fun and has a beaming smile that can light up a room in a matter of seconds by itself. He's actually been known to sparkle when extremely happy.


Oh, he knows quite well that the world isn't all sun and fun. After what happened with his brother, he knows it. But he still loves Kaito, and he's hopelessly optimistic at times. He doesn't want anything happening to his friends and will trust far too easily. As a result, he takes betrayal incredibly badly, instantly retreating and letting Agito out. Akito also loves his other half. He adores Agito and won't stand for people calling him a personality. He considers Agito to be his own person and treats him as such, often talking out loud to him to try and include him in more things.


Agito's the dark, and a total 180 from Akito. He's almost always annoyed or angry, and incredibly easy to piss off. He can't seem to be able to make a complete sentence without throwing at least one swear word in, his favourite being 'fuck'. He's been called a shark before, and it suits him. Bloodthirsty to a point where it's hard to believe he came from Akito, the dark will never back away from a fight unless already injured and there's threat to Akito's health. He loves to fight and often seeks one out simply because he's bored.


Because of the reasons behind his birth, he hates Kaito with every fibre of his being. Agito wants nothing more than to kill the man, only stopping because Akito would hate him if he killed his brother. Agito doesn't claim family ties to him at all. To the dark, his entire world starts and end with Akito. He exists for the sole reason of protecting Akito. That reason comes before everything else, and every decision he makes has that hidden behind it somewhere. He loves his other half, though none know it but the light. Agito would go to the end of the world for Akito.


One thing that burdens him though is the thought that his existence eats away at Akito. He believes that if he continues to exist within their body, he will eventually destroy Akito. This makes him constantly watch over his other half. The day Akito can stand and walk on without him will be the day he fades away forever. Agito doesn't want to fade, but he knows that he must for Akito stay safe. He is resigned to his fate.


EDIT: It should be noted that when it comes to Lind, Akito and Agito are both uneasy around him. Agito hates him due to the fact Lind teases him constantly. Akito isn't sure around him, but tries to get along with the original.



Neither Akito nor Agito believe they need any further schooling, but Akito loves to learn so he's going to anyway! He may drag Agito with him on occasion.


Akito's classes:



OOC things:



Headcanon information

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