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Allen Walker

Page history last edited by Kay 10 years ago

Allen Walker

Aliases Destroyer of Time, Beansprout, Old Man
Canon D. Gray-man
Timeline Ch 189, p 13
Gender Male
Age 17
Species The Messiah
Crimes committed Heresy, extortion, necromancy, blackmail, underage gambling, property destruction, murder?
Member of
Defense Force
Journal pierrot
Player Kay

Basics: Allen is a young man of average height with a gymnast's build, and he is friendly and approachable, often found smiling. He dresses and speaks fairly formally, and is a gentle person -- belying the odd scar on the left side of his face, an upside-down pentagram above his eye, tracing down below it. His left arm and hand, on rare occasions when you might get to see them without his typical long sleeves and gloves, are red, textured like exoskeleton, and curved a little into claws at the fingertips.


English is his native/thought language, but he is extremely proficient in Hindi.



Personality: Once upon a time, Allen was a sullen, private, bitchy little kid who didn't trust anyone. Abandoned by his birth parents because of his crippled (so he thought) arm, Allen grew up in a harsh, lonely world, where the wistful kindness of a dog was the closest thing to affection he ever knew, until he met his foster-father-to-be, Mana. Mana gave him a real life, happiness, and unconditional acceptance, and losing all of that only made Allen the more determined to live the way Mana wanted. Now, the attitude that best summarizes Allen is "loving".


Allen loves everyone. He believes in the good of people, and is incapable of letting someone suffer without taking steps to prevent it, no matter what you may have done to deserve it. He's incredibly protective of his friends and his loved ones and his whoever he's standing in front of at the moment, really. It's incredibly difficult for him to actually be willing to hurt another person -- much less kill him -- because Allen has dedicated his entire existence to saving others. If not for his Innocence, he would have died long ago, and so using that Innocence to save others is all he lives for now: the right hand to save the humans, the left hand to save the suffering akuma. He can, and has, and will, sacrifice himself with a soft smile and a clear heart.


Of course, this isn't to say that Allen is a doormat, or that he's... without his rough, ruthless, heartless edges. He can be witheringly sarcastic, and occasionally even surly and competitive. He has a giant chip on his shoulder labeled "money" and he will smilingly rob you blind if you give him the slightest excuse. He cheats like a bastard at cards. He can turn on sensuality like a damn light switch if he thinks it'll help him get his way (and no one will be hurt by it, of course) (robots not included). Do not take anything about him for granted.


Although his depressed moods were previously rare, because he always knew who he was and where he was going, very recently Allen was deeply, deeply hurt by the revelation that his foster father Mana may not really have loved him at all. Because Allen holds the spirit of the 14th Noah, Mana's brother, inside of him -- a spirit that threatens to consume his very existence someday -- Mana may only have seen his brother when he looked at his adopted son, a boy who wanted nothing more complicated than to be with him forever. Now Allen has to doubt and question things that he always thought were certain...




Intellectual: Allen is a fast learner (he's had to be) and is fairly intelligent. He's extremely pragmatic when lives aren't on the line. And he can cheat at cards like it's a gift.


Physical: Allen was literally raised a carnie. He was picked up by a traveling circus and worked for them for his very early life, so he's very nimble and acrobatic, and has been known to stand on top of a ball and juggle to get the attention of passersby. His deformed left arm is inhumanly strong and virtually indestructible by normal means, even dormant.


Magical: When Allen invokes his Innocence, his left arm becomes a weapon capable of mowing down dozens of akuma at once. But he will never, ever use these abilities under normal circumstances. His cursed left eye can also see displaced souls, for what that's worth.

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