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Page history last edited by Fortuna 10 years, 5 months ago


Aliases Ammy, the Mother of us All
Canon Okami
Timeline The point of no return
Gender Female
Age Endless
Species Goddess/Wolf
Crimes committed Various forms of abuse and neglect, laziness, gluttony and theft 
Journal solarmother
Player Fortuna

Okami Amaterasu is the goddess of the Sun and known as the Mother of us All.


Warning: this page contains heavy spoilers for Okami



Amaterasu is the Mother of us All, the Sun and the first. So many years have passed that the stories about her have become legend.


100 years ago, she defeated the eight-headed serpent Orochi with the help of the warrior Nagi, however she was slain in the process. The monster was sealed away and the land enjoyed peace. However, one hundred years later, he was freed. The wood sprite Sakuya used the last of her power to bring a statue of Amaterasu back to life. The great goddess had returned.


With the help of the Poncle Issun, she travelled the land to defeat evil. Demons ravenged the world and the land had become cursed. However, Ammy began to regain her former powers and began to drive the evil from the land. Monsters fell to her powers, and eventually after a battle against the fearsome Spider Queen and Crimson Helm, she made her way to the Moon Cave and defeated Orochi with the help of the warrior Susano, descendant of Nagi.


However this was not the end. Amaterasu travelled to the capital Sei-an City, which was blanketed in an evil fog. After a lot of travelling, Ammy was shrunk by the Lucky Mallet and travelled inside the Emperor and defeated Blight, clearing the air and dispersing the cursed zone in the city. However, the great evil from the dreaded Oni Island was still present, and it took travelling and making her way through the island before she could take down its' master: the demon Ninetails.


Alas, the land to the north was still in danger. Amaterasu and Issun travelled to Kamui, and had several interesting adventures, including one into the past where Orochi was defeated again by Ammy and Nagi. Back in Kamui, Amaterasu made her way up the Ezofuji Mountains into Wawku Shrine to defeat the twin owl demons, Nechku and Lechku with the help of Oina warrior Oki.


She had begun to make her way down from the Shrine and to the Ark of Yamato when she faulted and paused, unsure whether to go on or not. It was, after all, a point of no return.





It was the 38th Day when Ammy arrived, slightly confused about what was going on.

Fort fails at updating this, so feel free to edit for me ;;


Day 38:

- Arrived and was confused. Maya was confused at her barking. Met Kaito, Zelda, Namine, C.C. and Beagle, and Suzaku. Was extremely pleased when Allen and Sakamoto fed her. Chuck explained the communicators to her.

- Met Fou-Lu and was worried about him.

- Met and adopted Conrad. He needs her.

- Got growly and helped Conrad and Yuuri save Akito from his abusive brother.

- Was fed by Conrad and kept an eye on him.


Day 39:

- No lights wut. Was amused at Spike though.

- Went with Conrad to help Alphonse.

- Ran into Yuuri later.


Day 40:

- Ammy lit the place up with Fireburst. Met Road, Willow, Murata, Battler, Xion, Szayel and Joshua; talked to Namine, Zelda, Chuck, Conrad and Fou-Lu. Forgave Suzaku. The Earl plotted with Tyki and Road, not to her sight.

- Was annoyed at the fire and spoke with Zelda and Allen.

- Spoke a little later with Conrad.


Day 47:

- Played with Eevee and the beach ball she found~ Met lots of people.


Day 48:

- N/A (hiatus)


Day 49:

- Fell asleep on the couch in the common room. Weirded a few people out and talked to others.


Day 50:

- Jack arrived, Ammy stared.

- Was a little melancholy and homesick at the stars.


Day 51:

- Talked to the Doctor.

- Was amused at Haruhi.

- Got a little into a rare serious mood. Ammy was a liiiittle homesick.


Day 68:

- Hungry goddess is hungry. 


Timeline to be updated as events occur

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