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Baseball Roster

Page history last edited by hauntedreality 9 years, 7 months ago


Team Manager: Murata

Assistant: Kohran



(Colors: Purple & White)

Momo (Mascot — Yuuri's pet dragon)

1) Yuuri (Team Captain, catcher)

2) Conrad (pitcher)

3) Yuuki

4) Duo

5) Roronoa Zoro

6) Akito

7) Castiel

8) Ashura

9) Saya

10) Orihime

11) Minako



(Colors: Orange & Black)

Cheese-kun (Mascot)

1) Suzaku (Team Captain)

2) Touma

3) Sasha

4) Allelujah

5) Kohran

6) Fuuma

7) Road

8) Alucard

9) Ryo Sanada

10) Seiji Date

11) Touma Hashiba

12) Kaoru Hitachiin

13) Tamaki Suoh

14) Hikaru Hitachiin







Kitty (evolution)





(The numbers don't speak to a character's place on the team. It's just to make it easier to balance the players on each team!)


TO JOIN/LEAVE/EDIT: To join a team or become a cheerleader talk to Haunt OOCly or Yuuri ICly. If you want to leave the baseball team or switch teams or your character is listed here or missing by mistake, please drop me a message here in addition to any editing you might do. Please keep in mind that when characters drop the teams can get uneven so sometimes people need to be switched around.


PRACTICE: IC: The baseball team practices hiatus when the dome is having it's cold period. Otherwise, they are held days ending in 2, 6, and 9 from 10am - 11am (when events aren't making it impossible). There's really no penalty for missing. OOC: There will not be posts on every (or most) practice(s), however people are always welcome to put one up to interact with other players or to reference it.



Game 1: Day 55: The Flying Knights won by a narrow margin

Game 2: Day 79: The Purple Dragons won in a last-minute upset

Game 3: Day 134: The Purple Dragons won in a landslide

Game 4: TBD


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