(Artist's interpretation)

Aliases Charlette, Charmander, Mayamander, シャー, シャーレット, Raptorempress, Oneechan/Oneesan (to Michao), CharChar, Charusama (to Fort), Charmoeleon
Age 5001 (25 in human years)
Birthdate June 13


Location Michigan
AIM turnaboutmedium

osakadensetsu @LJ, 

raptorempress @DW

          Not to be confused with Char Aznable, Char (StarCraft), Char siu, the chemical material Char, or other various uses (see Char (disambiguation)).


Char is a 5,001 year old robot mundane from the moon.


She enjoys being weird and likes stuff.


She ships everything, possibly for the lulz. Including your mom.

But mostly femslash.



Did I mention she's weird?


Note that the proper pronunciation of "Char" is with a "sh" sound. Like "shark" minus the k sound.


Marina Characters:

Maya Fey - Ace Attorney - [personal profile]turnaboutmedium


Former Marina Characters:

Leopard - Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo - [personal profile]goldenorbs

Milly Ashford - Code Geass  - [personal profile]pervsident

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Fourth Wall Characters:

Alice - Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally - [personal profile]thecodegeass

Shantotto - Final Fantasy XI - [personal profile]rhymeswithdoom


Other Games:

Queen of Hearts (LJ)

Homura Akemi - Madoka Magica - heartovertime (LJ)



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Michao is her twin imouto (separated by four years somehow).

Candy is their younger imouto (who is twins with Aka).

Fort is her fiancée and favourite katamari.

Sari is her adoptive mom, and also adopted Riceball as her sister!

She is also Riley.

Kay was her adopted child for about a minute.

(Someday there will be a family tree of this or something. Not today.)