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Chat Memes

Page history last edited by Char 10 years, 4 months ago

Here's a dictionary of commonly used memes in chat! Update as you will~


Apari n. Namesmoosh of Apa and Ari

Aussieharem n. Those in chat from Australia i.e. Fort and Sora.

Chot n. Marina chat.

Double Nunnetration n. Interacting with anime!Nunnally and NoN!Nunnally at the same time.

Everyone is Riley. (Except Fort.) This accounts for 99.9% of muncest at Marina.

Godot Special Blend #1 n. Narki's favourite beverage.

Gruddle v. To grope and cuddle at the same time. Also see: Grug.

Grug v. To grope and hug at the same time. Also see: Gruddle.

Heeblejorb n. A player at Marina, esp. a member of Marina chat.

I ship it. Everything ever.

JIBUN WO~~~. Opening words of the song "Colors" by Flow. See video. (And a second video more relevant.)

Kawaii adj. Anything adorable or so weirdly out of the ordinary that it's cute. Also extends to scary/ awesome/ cool/ neat all in one word.

Kari n. Namesmoosh of Kay and Ari

Kay <3s anal. Anal seems to be synonymous with chat. Also see: the community.

Kayli n. The collective mods. See: Kay, Li.

Luluhime n. Lelouch + Orihime. See also: Kay.

Maoland n. Australia.

Moéblob n. A very cute person who exudes massive moé radiation. E.g.  Narki, Ton, Fort, Megan if she's up too late.

Moest v. An alternative method of touching one who is too moe to properly molest.

Nipponpon n. An addictive niconico douga / youtube video. See video.

Orgy n. All the time in chat.

Pari n. Namesmoosh of Parsnip and Ari

Pokéharem n. Those in chat who play Pokémon.

Pug n. A pet and a hug at the same time. Also a verb.

Spork v. Like spooning, but more magical. 

Terrible people n. Everyone in chat. Or at least almost everyone.


*wet and naked*. Megan's default state.

WTF v. To What the Fuck a person.


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