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Chris Redfield

Page history last edited by Kiwi 11 years ago

Chris Redfield

Aliases Christopher?
Canon Resident Evil
Timeline Resident Evil 5, after chapter 5-4
Gender Male
Age 35
Species Human :(
Crimes committed Murder, breaking and entering, second-hand smoke induced cancer
Journal zombierepellant
Player Kiwi

Chris Redfield is one of the main protagonists from the Resident Evil video game series from CAPCOM.



Chris is, at heart, a decent guy who tries to do the right thing. He has a strong sense of what's wrong and what's right and he follows his heart and his gut to do whatever he thinks is best. This is a problem, too, as sometimes these organs lead him right into trouble. Chris has a problem with running headlong into dangerous situations because of his emotions, and he rarely allows logic to tell him that it might not be too wise to do so. Thankfully for him his incredible luck has managed to carry him through over ten years of some of the most insane and unpredictable situations- and yet he continues to throw himself into death traps like a cat with a death wish. But while he doesn't fear death, he certainly doesn't have an urge to actually die. The pure conviction and determination that fuels every action he takes prevents him from fearing death, his own at least, and keeps him running from day to day.


All of this doesn't cancel out the fact Chris Redfield is a dork. He likes to spit out cheesy lines while thinking they're the best things ever, he's prone to doing ridiculous things like catching his enemy's sunglasses, and he's not always entirely on the ball. He's certainly not stupid by any stretch of the imagination, but he has a bad habit of saying things that make him seem far less intelligent than he is [example: in Resident Evil 1 he seems confused about Umbrella- a company that owns the entire town he lives in.] Still, he's good at piecing together information to figure out the master plan in the end, which proves he can, at the very least, think on his feet. He has a good sense of humor and likes to have a good time with his friends when he can- Chris is hardly a stick in the mud. His serious attitude doesn't extend beyond his missions very often, and he's a much lighter person off the clock.


He loves his sister, Claire, very much and worries for her safety often. Even if she's proven more than capable of handling herself in extreme situations, he would still drop everything to help her if he knew she needed him. Since he's taken care of her since their parents died in a car crash years ago he's grown very protective of her and will go to the ends of the Earth- literally in some cases- to keep her from harm. This does extend to some extent to his close friends, especially any surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. like Jill. He would gladly lay his life on the line for any one of them, and he's proved it many times.

Though he's had his doubts over the years about what he does, Chris never lets it all get him too down. He tries to keep optimistic in the face of the overwhelming adversity he's had to face, and somehow manages to continue keeping a positive attitude during the darker times that have fallen on his life.




Chris' physical abilities sometimes seem a little off the charts. He's pretty fast for a human, though that's in the realm of believability, but sometimes when he hits it seems almost impossible how hard he does it. He's been able to beat up boulders at least twice his size [!!] and he can incapacitate even creatures like Lickers with just his fists. This could all be owed to his years of special training, but sometimes his strength is inhuman.

Back in the day when he was a part of S.T.A.R.S., Chris was the Point Man for the team, which means he can quickly assess a situation and use any number of weapons he can get his hands on with a high degree of skill. He has proven more than competent with anything from handguns to grenade launchers and everything in between. His aim is top-notch, having won awards for his marksmanship, but he does need a little time to line up his shots. His weapon knowledge extends from just guns and Chris is plenty handy with a knife as well.

He has at least mid-level puzzle solving skills considering the zany places he's been trapped in that required finding all sorts of random objects to free him, so he has a decent working head on his shoulders as stated in his personality. He's good at coming up with fairly creative ways to engage a situation, and is very good at using his environment to his advantage even when things look bleak.



... Is way too long and complicated. I'll come back to this.





Chris arrived on day [?] blah blah blah, to be edited.










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