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Dahlia Hawthorne

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Dahlia Hawthorne

Aliases Melissa Foster, Miyanagi Chinami
Canon Ace Attorney

Immediately prior to Phoenix's trial for the murder of Doug Swallow

Gender Female
Age 20
Species Human
Crimes committed

Murder, attempted murder,

conspiracy to commit murder,

grand larceny, perjury, impersonation, conspiracy to

commit kidnapping, forgery of government documents

Journal asteraceae
Player Ketsuban

Personality: On the surface, Dahlia Hawthorne is the sweetest, nicest person one could ever hope to know. She's shy and demure, easily shocked, and cries at the drop of a hat. And yet she's so very kind and caring and she loves everyone and everything. Butterflies have been known to congregate around her pure and gentle demeanor.


Pff, as if. Naturally, all of that is an act meant to keep Dahlia out of trouble. In reality she is a cruel, heartless person with no regard for anyone but herself. She even considers her own twin sister a nuisance who would be better off dead. If somebody crosses her she'll do whatever it takes to make them pay, all the while making it look like an accident or somebody else's fault. And when she does get her revenge she's meticulous. She plans everything out to the last detail, so that nothing will point to her, and plans her cover story and testimony perfectly. However, when she's put on the spot or called on her lies she can get careless; she's a good forward-thinker, but thinking things up at the spur of the moment is more difficult for Dahlia.


When she was a child, Dahlia's mother wanted nothing to do with her when it turned out she didn't have the Fey family's talent for summoning spirits, and her father cared more about his business than his family. Dahlia grew up alone and unloved. Even her twin sister Iris, frequently her co-conspirator, "betrayed" her by falling in love with a man who was nothing more than a pawn in Dahlia's plot to hide evidence of a murder she committed. However, even if at one point in her past Dahlia was merely lonely and in need of love, that is no longer true. Any capability for empathy or caring is gone, replaced by sheer malice and hatred.


Abilities: Dahlia isn't a spirit medium, but she can summon trick locks (spoilers for Bridge to the Turnabout). Her only other real ability is her false charming persona.


History: Coming soon!


Relationships: (elaboration coming soon)


Ken Murata -

Yuuri Shibuya -

Conrad Weller -

Wolfram von Bielefeld -

Carmen Sandiego -

Hatoko Kobayashi -

Matoi Tsunetsuki -

Lelouch Lamperouge -

Sentience -

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