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Defense Force

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MISSION: To defend those who need it and protect those who can't protect themselves!



The defense force members are armed with Acumen's permission and they have a dispatch computer terminal that allows them to borrow Acumen's sensor to monitor life signs. Dispatch members may at any time be watching (but definitely not always) to make sure everyone stays healthy and unassaulted. Combat members patrol regularly and have a pair of small jail cells to arrest criminals who are committing more crimes. Combat members either can or will be taught to defend themselves in a fight.



This list can be found in the defense force HQ and is made public to them.


Combat Members (people who fight and patrol)

Suzaku Kururugi - day (current de facto leader)

Allen Walker - day

Ashura - ?

Axel - ?

Buffy Summers - night

Ciaphas Cain - ?

Cloud Strife - any (has healing abilities)

Cross Marian - ?

D - night

Dean Winchester - day w/Sam Winchester

Dick Grayson - any

Elena Gilbert - any

Flynn Scifo - any (has healing abilities)

Howard Link - night w/Allen Walker

Ibram Gaunt - night w/Ciaphas Cain

Itachi Uchiha - any

Jyuushiro Ukitake - day

Kitty Pryde (AOA) - night

Kitty Pryde (Evolution) - day

Miranda Lotto - ? (can protect and temporarily reverse injuries)

MOMO Mizrahi - any

Naoto Fuyumine - day

Rapunzel - any (healing only)

Rebecca Crane - day

Revive Revival - day

Sam Winchester - day

Sasha (Athena) - any (has healing abilities)

Saya Otonashi - ?

Sesshoumaru - night

Spencer Reid - day

Subaru Nakajima - day

Tear Grants - any (has healing abilities)

The Prospitian Monarch - any

Tieria Erde - not on days ending in 0 or 5

Touma Hashiba - night

Wolfram von Bielefeld - day

Yomi Isayama - night

Yu Kanda - any

Yuri Lowell - any

Yuuri Shibuya - any (healing only)

Zelgadis Greywars - any (has healing abilities)

Zero Kiryuu - night


PR Members (people who stay in HQ, help out, handle paperwork and inquiries)

Lacus Clyne (second-in-command of the DF proper; gives tours to new members, handles difficult questions and PR problems)

Elena Gilbert



Dispatch Members (people who stay in HQ, monitor life signs, and send the combat members out on assignment)

Elena Gilbert - any

Rebecca Crane - day

Revive Revival - day


Medical Personnel (people who are on-staff to heal and otherwise treat injuries)

Cloud Strife (also patrols)

Flynn Scifo (also patrols)

Rapunzel (also patrols)

Sasha (Athena) (also patrols)

Tear Grants (also patrols)

Yuuri Shibuya (also patrols)

Zelgadis Greywars (also patrols)


Investigative Task Force (people who investigate)

Dick Grayson

Elena Gilbert

Rebecca Crane

Spencer Reid


Security Task Force (people who are exceptional hackers, working for the Force)

Revive Revival

Tieria Erde



These can be found in the storage closet; when you join, you are given access to it.


First Aid / Etc.

Health Potions (red, Legend of Zelda-style, in glass containers): Treat injuries and restore energy. 9/10 remaining. Comment here to use one!


Watch List

This list can be found in the Defense Force HQ. DF members are required to read it and any updates; it will also be made available to civilians who come into HQ and ask to see it. Please don't edit this list without speaking to Li OOCly!


Allelujah Haptism: Assaulted a member of the DF soon after arrival, breaking her arm. Abilities unknown, approach with caution.

Allen Walker: A member of the DF; has a "Noah" inside him who may be dangerous. Contact Suzaku with concerns.

Anri Sonohara: ???

Conrad Weller: A member of the DF: potential threat due to his recent change into a vampire-like creature and his duty to his master. Contact Suzaku with concerns.

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne: A werewolf who does not have complete control over his transformations in Marina. Contact Buffy or Faith with concerns, avoid engaging. If bitten, contact Suzaku immediately.

Eridan Ampora: Land dweller-hater? Agreed to help with Japanese genocide.

Euphemia li Britannia: Formerly cursed to commit Japanese genocide. She has no powers, but under the curse she is utterly determined to kill anyone she believes to be Japanese or anyone who tries to stop her. Contact Suzaku or Lelouch immediately if problems arise, contain, but do not harm her. This notice has been removed from the Watch List.

Minako Arisato: Sometimes goes by "Seisette". Agreed to help Lambdadelta cut off her leg to escape shackles for uncertain reasons. May be a little unstable.

Naoya: Has become violent when discussing religious matters.

Tear Grants: A member of the DF; problem should be neutralized, but has been known to unconsciously create magic circles that endanger others. Contact Suzaku with concerns. This notice has been removed from the Watch List.


Diva: A vampire who should be treated with caution. Contact Suzaku or Zero Kiryuu immediately if a problem arises, do not attempt to engage.

Fuuma Monou: Has attacked people before. Goes by "Kamui".

Nena Trinity: Agreed to help with Japanese genocide? Also very aggressive, reacts to minor disputes by attempting to maim.

Shiki Ryougi: Seems very aggressive, has attacked people before and has some sort of offensive abilities. Approach with caution.

Tyki Mikk: Human-hater? Suspected and attempted attacks on DF member (Lavi). Contact Suzaku immediately if problems arise, do not attempt to engage.



Road Kamelot: Has twice assaulted DF members. Has extraordinary powers of illusion, contact Suzaku if there's trouble with her. Do not attempt to engage and do not trust your senses!


Watch list inmates who are no longer in the dome

Akagi Shigeru: Has been known to harass girls. Relative unknown.

Dahlia Hawthorne: Attempted murder and repeated assault. Apparently powerless, but highly dangerous.

Devit: Human-hater? Agreed to help with Japanese genocide. Contact Suzaku immediately if problems arise, do not attempt to engage.

Eggman: Suspicious individual, may have been involved in conspiring to cause the blackout. Engineering degree?

Envy: Shapeshifter. No direct problems yet, but be wary.

Gin Ichimaru: Has been known to goad others to the point of violence.

Grell Sutcliffe: Sexual predator, potential psychopath. Kind of a creeper, no direct problems with him yet.

Hidan: Seems very aggressive, potentially willing to harm others for his religion. Also injures himself? Abilities unknown, approach with caution.

Jasdero: Human-hater? Agreed to help with Japanese genocide. Contact Suzaku immediately if problems arise, do not attempt to engage.

Kefka: Likes to ruffle people's feathers by tricking them. Possesses dangerous magic, has attacked people before.

Lain Iwakura: Hacker, potentially dangerous sociopath. Has previously endangered lives by tampering with the AI.

Maleficent: Powerful magic-user, can cast curses and shapeshift. Has not yet attacked people in Marina, but has antagonized them.

The Millennium Earl: Human-hater? Everything he does is kind of suspicious, but no overt actions. Contact Suzaku immediately if problems arise, do not attempt to engage.

Rido Kuran: Murder and assault. Powerful vampire -- contact Suzaku or Zero if there's trouble with him.

Ryou Bakura: Has a second personality that is amoral and dangerous. Has endangered others before.

Tohru Adachi: Has history of attempted sexual assault and murder.

Wisely: Human-hater? Attack on DF member (Miranda). Contact Suzaku immediately if problems arise, do not attempt to engage.

Xellos: Suspicious individual, has assaulted and potentially killed before. Has extraordinary powers. Be careful.

Venom: Powerful and unpredictable, he has become violent at verbal provocation. Approach with caution.

Zelman: Vampire, has bitten people without their consent. Possesses at least telekinesis, pyrokinesis, super speed, the ability to use force fields, and enhanced senses.


JOIN THE FORCE: To JOIN the Defense Force, your character must have ICly talked to Suzaku or Lacus (this can be handwaved). But you, the player, must fill out this application! You do get a weapon. You will be taught to fight. And you will also receive cookies. Please also note this when you join up!


PLOT WITH THE TEAM: Details here.


The long and short of it is: if you want to plot something that would hurt other players, please speak to Suzaku (or plot it out with another member of the defense force)!

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