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Gino Weinberg

Page history last edited by Kay 10 years ago

Gino Weinberg

Aliases Knight of Three, What Are You Some Sort of Japanophile, Gojira
Canon Code Geass
Timeline Before the fight where Suzaku uses FLEIJA
Gender Male
Age 17
Species Bunny Ears Lawyer / White Prince
Crimes committed Murder; conspiracy; treason
Member of
Defense Force
Journal uncommonly
Player Kay

Basics: Gino is an extremely tall -- I mean, treats tall people like arm rests, he's over six and a half feet tall -- teenager with a strong build and a big grin. He's blond, with short hair and three thin braids that go down past his shoulder. He's probably wearing either his dress uniform or the most hideous tacky clothing you've ever seen that canonically gives people headaches. He's super friendly and will probably end up leaning on you if he likes you.


Britannian (90% normal English, with some odd Gaelic influences) is his native/thought language, so he can communicate with English-speakers without a communicator.



Personality: Coming from a reasonably terrible background, Gino manages to be incredibly well-adjusted. The fourth son of a prominent noble family, he was raised in complete isolation away from his parents and brothers, but he just learned to be independent from an early age. Completely open-minded, Gino fell in love with his family's Japanese maid, and when his family found out and beat her and threw her out into the street, he just stifled his resentment and waited until he was legally old enough to reject his title and his family, and set out on his own. And, with his own innate skill, he joined the military and in a matter of less than a year ended up becoming one of the highest-ranking knights in the country: the Knights of the Round.


Because of his sheltered lifestyle and harsh formative experiences, Gino doesn't really see class or nationality as anything to concern himself with; a friend is a friend when you're bored no matter what color their skin is, right? They're all people. He's completely enchanted with all things that fall outside his narrow realm of familiarity, to be honest. Generally speaking Gino is a happy-go-lucky, upbeat kind of guy who enjoys new experiences, laughing, and hanging off people he barely knows.


But he has a coolly competent and intelligent layer beneath that, and it's simple to understand what he's thinking. People are either strong, or weak. The strong people are the good, normal people of the world, the victims who keep going through adversity, who always struggle to do the right thing -- people who can never justify something like taking a life. Gino knows he's not like them.


The weak people are the ones like himself, who will kill others because they aren't strong enough to endure silently, or because they can rationalize murder by calling it justice, or self-defense, or by claiming that one life isn't worth as much as the thousands X would have hurt. He'll protect the strong, but he's not interested in them; he's deeply interested in the weak, and the excuses that even the strongest make up to protect themselves.




Intellectual: Gino isn't one of the series strategists, but he's smart -- a casual philosopher, insightful, and capable of taking a leadership role and guiding his subordinates. But he normally hides behind smiles and good nature and wide-eyed wonder at the commoner world; he's a little sheltered, though also very open and remarkably unprejudiced for someone in his position.


Physical: Gino is six foot fucking seven. Also, he's athletic, trained military, and very comfortable with combat. While he's more used to fighting in a KMF, he has hand-to-hand and weapons training.


Magical: Nada.





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