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Aliases Claws (Spike), Captain Manicure (Spike)
Canon Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Timeline Chapitre 136
Gender Male
Age Looks to be late teens
Species Vampire
Crimes committed Turning a person into a vampire against his will, criminal negligence.
Journal kittenisangry
Player Apa





Kamui's native/thought language is unknown. However, he speaks Japanese and whatever language that is spoken by Fuuma and Seishirou.



The best, initial description of Kamui is feral. He's a very guarded young man with a hair-trigger temper; he can be reasonable one moment, violent the next. Someone who has gained his good opinion/trust will always have a steadfast and loyal defender. Unfortunately, getting past Kamui's anger, apathy and fixation on Subaru takes a great deal of patience.






Kamui is not the most thoughtful or perceptive. He is the type to spring into action with little planning or deliberation, and make amends later, if he must (though he will more likely just ignore any damage he leaves in his wake). When applied, he is of average intelligence; he has some wisdom brought about by his travels and trials, but he seldom uses it.




Being a vampire grants Kamui super-human speed and strength; he can heal almost immediately, with no lingering effects from the injury. In one battle in Tokyo, he had his entire arm ripped off, only to have it seamlessly reattach moments later. In addition to the speed and strength, he has retractable, razor-sharp claws that he can summon and release at will. He also has no difficulty moving or breathing while under water.


Finally, as a purebred vampire, Kamui is longer lived, heals faster and is stronger than sired (or turned) vampires. Someone who drinks his blood would be granted all the same attributes, though they would not be as strong as Kamui's. He also can bind a sired vampire to another person, by mixing his blood with theirs; once this is done, the sired vampire can only feed from the designated person.




Though he has no magic to speak of, Kamui has extraordinary ESP abilities. When Shaoran arrived in Tokyo, Kamui could sense immediately that the boy had no authentic soul, and that the one inside him was given to him by someone else. He could also sense the degrading of the seal over Shaoran's eye and the imminent arrival of the other Shaoran. He knew Fai had very strong magical power.


Additionally, Kamui is a telepath; he can read thoughts and speak to a person through his or her mind. (In Marina, this ability is limited, and he has yet to use it.)  He also has the ability to hide his vampiric features -- his differently colored and shaped eyes -- under a more human-looking facade.  He can drop the facade as he likes; though when particularly angry, or when he scents blood, he loses control of the disguise.


To others with ESP-type abilities, Kamui feels distinctly non-human.



- He is the younger twin.

- The idea to travel to different worlds was Subaru's, and Kamui went along so as not to be separated from him.

- Though a vampire, he has no fangs. To pierce skin, he uses his claws.

- He cannot consume anything other than blood from a living source. (Could, in theory, take blood from a living vampire, such as someone from <i>Vampire Knight</i>. Could not take blood from a vampire from <i>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</i>.) He also is unable to drink manufactured/synthetic blood (e.x.: blood tablets); they make him sick.

- While in Tokyo, he kept his vampirism a very closely guarded secret. Kakyou knew specifically what he was, while the others simply knew/accepted that he wasn't human. If they suspected, they never let on. He fed sparingly, and only from those already dying. If there was a calm, peaceful stretch of time, he went without. (Hence, the hoarding when he first arrived in the prison.) He hasn't had fresh blood in almost three years.

- Back in his world, vampires raise soulless, humanoid beings (called "E" or "esa", translated as "bait") as a food source. In Kamui's household, the E are kept more or less like pets; fed, housed, clothed and treated well, and rotated out in order to prevent them from becoming too drained. Blood is usually taken from them via syringe, and put into a glass or some other container.


- He has a connection to Fai after Fai becomes a vampire. He is able to sense him/his location more easily.

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