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Page history last edited by Kathrine 10 years, 4 months ago
S.P.Kathrine, Niisan
 16th of the original 8th month
June 2009
Contact Information 

spkathrine (AIM/G-chat)



The HMDs of her characters

SPKathrine @ LJ

Kathrine came to Marina a veritable noob (having only played at two other games for very short times), but has been converted to the RP Cult(ure). She once told her friend Lena that she could stop RPing whenever she wanted. Then she got addicted.


She will talk of herself in third person (but only when speaking out loud), and is usually up for any plotting that involves torturing her own characters or someone else's. Kathrine could also be considered certifiably insane, due to her inability to control herself when it comes to apping characters.


Due to the wide array of her characters she at times has schizophrenic delusions where their thoughts overlap in her head and she isn't sure which she is channeling. Please do be warned for the combinations may not be pleasant (Muraki!Miranda should be doubly avoided).


Current Characters in Play:

Alma Karma (D.Gray-man)

Timeline: Before killing everyone, but after trying to save Yu the first time (manga, Chapter 191)


Uchiha Itachi will never sound right otherwise (Naruto)

Timeline: Post Massacre/Shortly after rendezvousing with Akatsuki



Josak Gurriere (Kyou Kara Maou)

Timeline: Post Season 3


Johnny Rayflo (Vassalord)

Timeline: Chapter 13


Miranda Lotto (D.Gray-man)

Timeline: Chapter 170


Richie "Gear" Foley (Static Shock)

Timeline: Post Season 4


Soubi Agatsuma (Loveless)

Timeline: Between Chapters 77 and 78


Sado "Chad" Yasutora (Bleach)

Timeline: Between Chapters 377 and 378



Formerly Played:

Hanabusa Aidou (Vampire Knight)

Timeline: Chapter 52


Kazutaka Muraki (Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness)

Timeline: Chapter 6/Episode 9


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