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Page history last edited by Sammich 10 years, 10 months ago



Aliases Sammich, Saminatrix, Wifey
Birth Date  October 17

Factoid! Fantasizes every minute :D and uhm. I'm, like, never on chat when I should be wtf.

LJ: natsu_kashii

































Picture: My Deviantart profile photo

Occupation: Student; aspiring film director/screen writer


Likes: The Kingdom Hearts series, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, Death Note, American Idol, Transformers, choice, drawing, filming, photography, writing, YouTube, baked goods, strawberries, Japanese class, Akuroku, video gaming, staying up late, Disneyland, RPing, summer, Tourette's Guy, heart shaped objects, Winnie the Pooh, conventions, friends, love, plotting, baby animals, skinny men, and ♥Axel♥.


Dislikes: Typos, immaturity, improper usage of Japanese words, Twilight, The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Hot Tamales, people that assume, people that try to act cool by acting like their not, walking in wet grass barefoot, snobs, smart asses, copycats, mary sues/gary stus, hypocrites, politics, mathematics, being forced to do something, being locked out of a room, Angelina Jolie, homophobes, bathing suits, self consciousness, physical education, who's hot and who's not, newspapers, hummers, bumpy roads, totally FLAT roads, wet bark, PWP, and bittermelon.



Axel (Marina, LJ)





RP locations

The Love Hotel - Axel, Roxas, Larxene







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