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Kyou Sohma

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Kyou Sohma

Aliases Kyou-kun, Kyon-Kyon, Kyonchiki
Canon Fruits Basket
Timeline After Vol 6. Approx chapter 36
Gender Male
Age 15
Species Human/Cat (yes...have yourself a real life catboy)
Crimes committed Destruction of Property, Sexual Assault, Indecent Exposure, Slander, Murder
Journal yearofthecat
Player Sari



Destruction of Personal and Private Property

Assault and Battery


Attempted Suicide

Intentional Negligence in a Tortious Manner resulting in death of the victim

Defamation of Character


Lying by omission

Concealment of the truth


Sexual Assault

Indecent Exposure



That depends mostly on who you are. Stereotypically hot-headed and short tempered, Kyou doesn't have much patience or an abundance of social skills. As the series goes, he definitely makes some changes in that regard but he still is very cautious about those he lets into his life.


With most others, Kyou is a little stand offish and isn't comfortable interacting with strangers. There are a handful of people he does allow to see the 'real' him, a kind, caring and somewhat playful nature he hides. He's very cautious about when that side of himself is shown and gets upset if someone other than the person he's with witnesses him acting this way.


Surprisingly, Kyou is a very straight-laced type of a character, following the rules and getting upset if anyone breaks them. For instance he was upset when Momiji wore the girl uniform at school, because it was against the rules and got mad at Hiro for wearing shoes in the Dojo.


Also, for someone destined to spend the rest of his life locked in a room alone, he is quite studious and does well in school--even though he probably doesn't need to. That being said, sometimes his temper gets the best of him and his judgment is impaired making him seem like more of a trouble maker than he actually is.


One other small quirk is his gullibility, Kyou tends to take most of what people say at face value. He was very sheltered as a young child, he has trouble distinguishing what is the truth and what is false if someone is teasing him. He takes things too seriously sometimes.


Kyou's biggest flaw is probably his inability to deal with pressure and when backed into a corner that he feels he can't escape, he runs away. From leaving for four months, to finding a way to blame others for things to literally running off to be alone for awhile (even if just to the roof or in the woods), he's definitely perfected the art of avoiding your problems.



Kyou was raised in a martial arts dojo and enjoys and loves training, he's quite talented but still can't ever beat Yuki. Other than that, he turns into a cat when exhausted or hugged by girls and will turn into a large and nasty smelling monster when his juzu beads are removed. He also attracts cats...they like him even if the feeling isn't always mutual. He also has issues with rain, it makes him tired...and he hates water (but strangely loves to take showers).




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