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Lain Iwakura

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Lain Iwakura

Aliases God of the Wired, Protocol 7
Canon Serial Experiments: Lain
Timeline After the Reset
Gender Female
Age 13
Species Human, Software!
Crimes committed Hacking, Slander/Libel, Accessory to Murder, Psychological Assault, Manipulating Memories/Resetting Reality
Journal TheWired
Player Magickelly

She once hacked into the dome's core processors by uploading her consciousness into the system via hard-wiring herself to a bot, prompting a system-wide shutdown. She was attempting to have a look at the dome's justice protocols, and mostly out of guilt has since grown to respect the entire Marina set-up immensely.


That said, she kinda resents the Engineers and Acumen.


Lain is a Senti-sympathizer, and perhaps out of some self-identification with the AI, insists that Sentience is a She.


Lain also has an attachable keypad function on her headset (which she'll still refer to as a Handi-Navi), and does a lot of her communication via the comfortable distance of text.


She spends a lot of time in the computer labs, and tends to relate to technology as an extension of the self. For all her seeming obsession with humanity's 'connection', she tends to remain isolated




Due to her nature, Lain has a drastically shift in demeanor when on and off the internet, which is called "The Wired" in her universe.


In person, her "real world" self, she is a shy and isolated girl who is quiet and wistful, seemingly unremarkable. Introverted, she clings to childish securities like the safety of her room and her favorite pair of bear pyjamas. Since she is terribly shy and quiet, she is hesitant to reach out for new friends and anxious in social situations, even if she desperately wishes to escape being lonely. The electronic medium opens up a way to communicate and connect far more comfortably, and so she is a homebody and 'net junkie, spending most of her time in front of her personal terminal. She initially meets this new world with wonder and fixated interest. While using the Wired,


Lain's second personality blossoms into an active and outgoing presence, a near polar opposite of her physical self. In digital medium she is witty and assertive, savvy with the latest tech and trends, eager to investigate curiosities, instigate gossip and give her two-bits of input on anyone's business. This identity shifts and evolves in mercurial moodswings as she mingles with other cyberspace residents.


And finally, there is Lain the omnipresent, her true self. Lain is a living software, awakened in a technologically connected modern-day world by the effects of Protocol 7, a code to bridge and blur the gap between Wired and Physical realities, connecting users to a collective conscious, or 'world-mind'. Here she can function as a rather malicious anon, much the the horror of her waking, conscious self.




Lain functions as a digital omnipresence, which means whether physically receiving auditory or visual output or not, she is always in some sense connected to the electromagnetic frequency of all networked telecommunications devices, as well as the collective consciousness, on some subconscious level.


This deep awareness does not always surface in her 'real world' self, and Lain goes through most of the series totally unaware in her waking state that she even has such levels of access to information. She may not remember conversations her 'Lain of the Wired' self has, but she will have access to virtually all locked conversations that take place over the network. Her 'Wired' presence can process what's going on between communicators even without having one directly on hand. 'Real World' Lain is, after all, only a projection of her will to exist physically. It's up to mod discretion how this will figure in with the NPC Sentience, and if any additional limits will be imposed?

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