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Lelouch vi Britannia

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Lelouch vi Britannia

He's definitely male btw

Aliases Emperor Lelouch, The Black Demon King, Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero
Canon Code Geass
Timeline After taking the UFN hostage
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Magnificent Bastard
Crimes committed Terrorism; conspiracy; treason; killing everyone
Journal xcix
Player Kay

[[Lelouch is listening to everything on the network that isn't privated or filtered away from him, so don't be surprised if he knows things about you. Yeah, he has nothing better to do, and he canonically keeps extensive notes on the people around him.]]



Basics: Lelouch is a tall, willowy young man with short black hair (unless he's cross-dressing) and violet eyes. He gives off the impression of aristocracy, reinforced with his typical getup of this. Very regal. Very grand. Usually just the robe, no cape or mantle. (Or hat.)


Britannian (90% normal English, with some odd Gaelic influences) is his native/thought language, so he can communicate with English-speakers without a communicator. He can also speak fluent French, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. He is suggested to also know some Greek, and one assumes Latin as well.



Personality: To the people who know him as Lelouch Lamperouge, he's a bored dabbler in academics and school politics, kind but distant, beautiful but untouchable, to be admired and never really known. He'll smile and regretfully decline your invitation to the movies because he has to care for his beloved little sister, skip class to gamble with noblemen over chess matches, dutifully do his work for the student council while trying to maintain his dignity, and slide away into the shadows when school events draw media attention.


To the people who know him as Zero, he's a searingly passionate revolutionary who can see an apparently infinite map of possibilities in a few seconds' time. His vast intelligence and charisma have gained him a fiercely loyal army of hundreds, thousands of men, and his ability to pull off impossible victories makes him the people's rebel, the underdog in the war to overcome a tyrannical Empire. When things don't go as planned, they reeeally don't go as planned, but fortunately, there's only two or three people in the world who can really, consistently beat Lelouch at chess.


To the people who know him as Lelouch vi Britannia, he is everything he himself despises. Cold and dismissive, people are mere pawns in a chess game to him, even his blood family tools to be used and not mourned when they're lost. He'll enslave them with his power and drive them to their deaths by the hundreds, thousands. They mean nothing to him. What matters is his master plan to take over the world, out of pure, unadultered villainy; and he doesn't care what he has to do in order to achieve that goal.


And to the people who know him -- all three of you, and the others who come close and can be counted on one hand comfortably -- he's a secretive, angry youth who was deeply hurt by the long-ago murder of his mother, crippling of his sister, and abandonment by his father. Beneath his cold, controlled surface, he's as wounded by his mistakes as anyone, maybe moreso, because Lelouch is a compassionate person, loving and giving freely of himself to the few, few that he can trust. But he can't let anyone see. If he lets you see, maybe you would use him, too -- or reject him for the failures he couldn't avoid.


So he'll push you away, steel himself and treat you like an insect, make you want to reject him if it comes to that. That way, at least he knows that it was all just as planned.




Intellectual: Something of a tactical wizard, Lelouch excels at intellectual pursuits such as chess and less intellectual pursuits such as waging guerilla warfare. Lelouch is a genius and he believes any sacrifice is merited for a truly worthy goal -- even his own life -- which makes him a fearsome opponent on a battlefield where his wits can come into play. He's shrewd, ruthless, and extremely clever at establishing patterns. If he knows you, he can literally hold a conversation with you hours in advance and still anticipate exactly what you're going to say.


Physical: Lelouch doesn't have any physical abilities. I mean. He can ride a horse and shoot a gun pretty well. And he can cut hair. But he has so little stamina he can be outrun by a girl in practically a hoop skirt in a matter of a minute, is so bad at surviving in the wilderness that the delicate princess he was trying to shelter had to hunt down food for them, and he doesn't seem to be able to move and hold a ball at the same time. Also he claims to have low blood pressure.


Magical: Lelouch possesses the power of geass. See here for more details.





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Oli said

at 7:41 pm on Jul 27, 2009

very sexy looking, luluchan!

Kay said

at 8:35 pm on Jul 27, 2009


Lelouch gives you such a staring, Seki.

P.S. When Lelouch glares daggers at you, you stab yourself.

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