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Lind Wanijima

Page history last edited by Fortuna 9 years, 5 months ago

Lind Wanijima 

Aliases Lind, Akito, Agito, Akgido (OOC)
Canon Air Gear
Gender Male
Age Fourteen (14)
Species Enhanced human with MPD
Crimes committed Murder, disobedience, running from the law
Journal sky_shark
Player Fortuna

A teen with a severe case of Multiple Personality Disorder, Lind is the third within Akito and Agito Wanijima, the strongest of them all and claiming to be the very first.


Warning: This page contains very heavy spoilers for Air Gear.



Lind's background is a mystery to many. He delights in not telling, and the only ones who truly know who and what he is are himself, and Kaito Wanijima. For knowledge of his true identity is dangerous, and deadly. For the one he used to be was driven to suicide by a certain pair of Gravity Children...


The reborn soul of Gazelle, the first Thorn Queen and Brain Charger, the one who loved Kaito and would have been mother to Akito if she'd lived. Lind is an oddity even by his own world's standards. He retains all the memories of his past life, while living a new one. But while Gazelle's wings were not broken, grafting her soul to Akito's body was too much for a young boy to handle, even if he'd been aged up artificially. So Lind became dormant, while Akito remained the dominant one, learning of life from Kaito, his unknown father, known to him as a big brother.


Over time, all knowledge of Lind's existance was lost...until now.


Akito and Agito weaken, opening up to the world around them. And that hole allowed mental barriers to break, and for the first time in many years, Lind broke forth and took over.


'Finally...I can get free again.'



NOTICE: Due to IC developments, Akito, Agito and Lind are now in their own bodies! Thus any mention of the three being in one body is now ICly incorrect.



An MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) is essentially when a single body has more than one personality within it. The term has now been changed to DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), but it's still the same thing.


Lind is the third personality within his body, the others being Akito and Agito. He has always been aware of their thoughts, able to sense what they did. But until now, he has never been able to get control. Now that the mental barriers are free, Akito and Agito can hear him as well as they can each other. However, Lind often has to fight for control, and once he has it, Agito will fight with him in order to gain it back.


While the eyepatch shows whether Akito or Agito are in control, Lind doesn't bother with it. Both gold eyes show, revealing the twinkle pupil: two crosses, one set at a 45 degree angle over the other. The pupil shape is distinctive and labels him as a Brain Charger. Strangely, this doesn't reflect to the other two within him, even though they too are the same. Lind is the only one with those abilities.


To make distinction between the three personalities easier, Akito's voice and thoughts is in black font, Agito's is in blue, and Lind's is gold.



Lind labels himself as the original personality within his body, claiming that he was the first. Every time he gets free, it erodes Akito and Agito's personalities further and further. Eventually they will fade and return to him.


The original is a manipulative bastard, quite ready and happy to use anyone and everyone around him in whatever way he likes for his own personal amusement. He doesn't mind using peoples' emotions against themselves and making them think what he wants them to. He's also not above dumping people in the dirt the instant they become useless to him. He quite literally left Yayoi Nakayama for dead when he believed that she had been attacked in canon, right after she saved his life somewhat.


His normal attitude is to treat everything as a kind of game, only becoming serious when someone is capable of playing on his level, or his opponent manages to tick him off. Which is usually not a good idea, because Lind will happily rend and destroy anyone who does so. He doesn't care for anyone or anything, the only exceptions being Akito and Agito, and Kaito who he loves. Anyone else is merely to be used, ignored or removed from the picture.


The other two personalities within him he treats as younger brothers, calling them that, or 'babies'. Much to Agito's annoyance. Lind loves to torment them endlessly, reminding them that they have no idea who he is. Akito he tends to leave alone, as the light is quiet and easily manipulated. Agito, he loves to tease and torment, since the dark gives the best reactions when he's riled up.

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