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Would you like to know what Marina Asylum has to offer you...?



The shelter occupies this entire sector. You can see it from anywhere in the city, because there's a bell-tower at the top, chiming out the hours. There is no path up into the hollow tower itself, but there is an elevator and a staircase leading underground into the shelter.

The place is well-lit and pleasantly decorated, almost cozy. Each floor is equipped like a dormitory: common room, shower rooms, a dining hall, and residential suites.


  • The common room is filled with sofas, tables, and entertainments for the casual guest. Entertainments can run from public computers to game systems to chessboards.
  • The shower rooms are public, with stalls. They are not gender-specific. The dining hall is open at all hours and regularly stocked with food (cook for yourself, or for everyone, or ask a bot to cook for you!).
  • Each residential suite has two rooms: one 'living' room with a sofa, and one 'bedroom' with two single cots that can be bunked or unbunked. Each suite also contains two desks and two closets.





A well-kept sector of the facility, clean and polished, if somewhat spartan. Bots are a common sight in this area of the city, and even sentinels. There are no residential buildings in this sector.


Important sites in Sector 1 include:


The Kiosk - Close to Sector 0, a small warehouse depot, completely sealed. It has a console facing the street. Accessing this console will enable you to request materials from Acumen directly.


Hospital - A sleek white facility, operated by the bots. There are sealed laboratories inside, as well as rooms with highly advanced medical equipment, and private rooms for patient recovery. It is guarded and patrolled by the rare sentinels.


Defense Team HQ - This building, complete with reception desk, a few generic offices, and three holding cells, is used by Suzaku's defense team. It's a little sterile, but he'll work on it, unless someone with taste stops him.


Processing Plant - A modest black building. The machinery in this plant is dangerous, but usually off. Close examination will reveal that it is used for shredding and compacting, but there is no visible control mechanism.


Graveyard - A discreet distance away from the hospital but still significantly close; a very large plot of land, stretching for many blocks, with only a very few simple headstones. They bear the names "Larxene", "Kanami Joushima", "Minato Arisato", "Tomoe Himura", "Hatsuharu Sohma", "Matoi Tsunetsuki", "Carmen Sandiego", "Ryohei Sasagawa", "Dahlia Hawthorne", and "Gyoro & Ururun"


The Post Office - A tiny building with a convenient metal drop box for letters and packages. During office hours, you can drop-off and pick-up packages at the counter, or stop by to put the finishing touches on your parcel using the stationery and packing supplies. Operated by the Peregrine Mendicant.



A well-kept sector of the facility, and distinctly more lived-in than Sector 1. Bots are a common sight in this area of the city, tidying the streets and repairing structural damage. There are several residential areas in this sector -- mostly apartment complexes.


Important sites in Sector 2 include:


Library - Close to the outer wall of the dome, it receives the ambient light from the sensors and has a glorious view of the ocean during the day. There are many books, both fiction and otherwise, but there is no history section in the library.


Computer Lab - A small building complex with dozens of computers. They have intranet (e.g. no access to any internet that may exist outside the asylum, but internet within the asylum, including bookmarked resources provided by Sentience) and several programs.


Education Center - A large complex of buildings, like a college: including a small green, a dining hall, and, of course, classrooms with learning modules ranging from mathematics to psychology to... music and pottery! Sentience recommends the pottery course. It's supposed to be quite therapeutic for the criminal mind.


You will also find equipment used for many related hobbies in the education center, such as art supplies, instruments, etc.


Pet Cafe - A wide-open space filled with domesticated animals of every color and creed. Three kitten-covered bots patrol the area sedately and several of the more dangerous sentinel bots are posted along its perimeter, preventing mischief. In addition to the typical domesticated animals (cats, dogs) and the more exotic (monkeys), there are a number of even more unfamiliar animals.


Justice & Co. Law Office - An ordinary-looking two-story house. On one of the interior walls hangs a Pink Princess poster. Stay away from the second floor; that's where Apollo sleeps.



Bots are a rarer sight in this area of the city, but will still show up promptly to handle any new mess. There are a large number of residential areas in this sector -- mostly apartment complexes, with a few scattered, not very impressive houses.


Important sites in Sector 3 include:


Movie Theater - A large building with almost two dozen large screens and comfortable reclining seats. The movies that play here are exclusively from other universes. (e.g. enjoy the All My Circuits movie!) Movies, like all other speech and text, are translated by your communicators, so bring them with you.


Club - A dance club a reasonable distance from other facilities. Music is piped in from speakers, but there's also a stage with a handful of common instruments and a microphone; external music will stop playing if a presence is detected on stage. The club is the only location in the dome where alcohol is kept or served and alcohol does not leave the premises.


Arcade - A large facility with jaunty music playing, occupied by game machines, bowling lanes, and other forms of public entertainment. There's a wide staircase leading to an upper floor, quieter and calmer (and better-lit), with sofas and televisions equipped with video games.


Coffee Shop - A warm quaint place where drinks of the caffeinated and non-caffeinated variety are served along with pastries and light food fare.  You may make your make your own coffee or ask for a bot's assistance



An exceptionally beautiful section of the facility, filled with trees, gardens, and stylish residences. Bots are a common sight in this area of the city, tidying the streets and doing light gardening. There are houses and a large apartment complex here, but it is exceptionally unsafe.


Important sites in Sector 4 include:


Park - No fewer than two sprawling, lovely green areas with elegantly-planned gardens and displays. There are benches and picnic areas in each park.  The parks feature: Amaterasu's Guardian Sapling where anyone nearby can feel calm and relaxed; the Koi Pond with plants, and colorful fish you can feed; a Children's Playground; and a small Zen Waterfall where one can enjoy meditative activities.


Butterfly Pavilion - A vast park area encompassing almost an entire block in a small, indestructible dome; inside are hundreds and hundreds of butterflies. This pavilion is patrolled by sentinels. No harming the pretty fluttery things.


Beach / Dolphin Observation Deck - The clean white lines of this area has been replaced with warm, graceful sand dunes, dotted with the occasional beach flora, folding chairs, and umbrellas, all overlooking the blue water and the handful of playful dolphins who play as close to the shore as they can. This area is patrolled and guarded by sentinels, and interference with the supplies, the dolphins, or the air locks will be punished.


Memorial Gardens - There are currently three, marked in remembrance of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, the children of the town of Xenotime, and the crew of Anita's ship (name unknown), respectively.



This sector, like Sector 3, is for some reason more rarely visited by the bots. It has a great deal of residential houses and apartments, but the streets and buildings aren't as well-maintained, and none of the buildings are secure.


Important sites in Sector 5 include:


Convenience Store - The only grocery store in the dome; all other food supplies are delivered straight to the shelter kitchen. The food here is religiously monitored for expiration by the bots, and it contains many odds and ends ranging from electronics to crafts material.


Clothing Store - A generic clothing store, packed with rows of racks and tasteful displays like any department store you might be familiar with. There are sections for men's, women's, and children's clothing. There's little that's extremely stylish or outlandish, but styles from all cultures and walks of life are represented. The changing rooms are not gender-specific.


Pizza Shop - A small restaurant with a few tables inside in case patrons feel like dining in and two tables out front for days with nice weather. Pasta and salads are also served. Pizza is served as per the Pizza Hutâ„¢ recipe, but all of the signage is generic because Sentience was not able to obtain franchising rights.


Bowling Alley - A fairly modest affair, clean and unusually comfortable, with around five lanes. They have a wide selection of balls and shoes ranging from traditional to flashy!


Ramen Shop - Classic-style ramen shop with a long bar seating and a few tables. A large variety of regional variants are available as well as gyoza and some other common Sino-Japanese street fare.


Ice Rink - An ice rink, where you can enjoy the fun of ice skating year round, or play informal hockey if you prefer. There's a ridiculous variety of ice skates lining the walls of the whole building.


The Devil's Compass - a tavern/pub established by Greed and Tyki Mikk, the latter acting as current owner and boss to the bartender (Sam Winchester) and the two cooks (Sasha and Sanji).  It features a juke box, dart board and a billiards table.  This is the only other place where alcohol is served, but like the club, bots will come after you should you attempt to take any alcoholic beverages outside the premises.



This sector, like Sector 1, is a well-kept sector of the facility, clean and polished. Bots are a common sight in this area of the city. There are no residential buildings in this sector.


Important sites in Sector 6 include:


Public Baths - Very close to the shelter in Sector 0, for all your relaxation needs. There's small cube showers, a giant hot bath, and even an outdoor jacuzzi. As in the shelter, there is no division by genders.


Training Hall - A block or so down from the baths, lined with mats. It looks very traditional and simple, like a proper dojo. Here you can practice your combat or martial arts of any sorts, with the available bamboo training swords if you're so inclined.


Athletic Complex - Most of this sector can be said to be the athletic complex. There's wide, grassy fields intended for playing sports like football or soccer; several immense indoor courts, suitable for playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc; a gymnasium to practice acrobatics of whatever kind you prefer; large swimming pools where you can get your exercise on. Supplies for all these activites can be found in small sheds near their respective areas. 

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