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Maes Hughes

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Maes Hughes

Lt. Colonel Maes Hughes, Brigadier General Maes Hughes, PAPA!!!!!
Canon Fullmetal Alchemist
Timeline Chapter 15
Gender Male
Age 30
Species Over protective & doting father.
Crimes committed Genocide, misuse of government services, conspiracy. BEING TOO PROUD A FATHER!! + Harassment. (Thanks Chat!)
Journal Hughsies
Player Oli





Maes Hughes is an energetic guy. And just saying that he is just doesn’t do his personality justice because – you have to see this guy to believe it. He’s playful and cheery and he’ll bombard you with attention if you show the slightest interest in Elysia. Elysia? Yeah, his daughter. She’s amazing. She’s cute. Want a picture? Here, have a picture! She’s three, you know! Three whole years she’s blessed all of us with her adorable, sweet little self. What, you don’t want a picture? No, really. Take it! There are plenty! In fact, have two.


...What do you mean by ‘interrupting the workplace environment’?


But below that – Hughes is highly intelligent. He works in the Investigations Division in central, a sometimes mundane desk job. He gets around to crime scenes, something that can wear on a man over time – but maybe, just maybe, that’s why he keeps himself perked up on the hype around his daughter. You see so many things across the city, so many deaths and so many accidents and murders that it builds bit by bit. Gushing about his family keeps him sane in a way, keeps him going when he hears the sickening stories of the likes of Shou Tucker, the man who fused his own child with the body of the family dog to create a talking chimera. (He was actually looking forward to putting that man in custody before the criminal 'Scar' killed him off before proper authorities could collect him.) Scar was another high-profile case that Hughes was looking in to, though by the time of his death nothing had properly come from it. He's shown to be serious about his work and annoyed when things don't go as planned. When Shou tucker was murdered, Hughes seems exasperated and asks Roy, also on the scene, how he's supposed to put a corpse on trial.


Maes Hughes’ personality is very warm and inviting, albeit sometimes annoying. He seems to grow on people, as for all his annoying advances, he was well grieved after his murder. He didn't mind inviting others into his life, considering them extensions of his real family. As his wife says in recollection of how he lived his life, he was always "poking his nose into other people's business, trying to help them even at his own expense. The disadvantages of doing so were always outweighed by the feeling gained by helping someone." Winry Rockbell, a childhood friend of the Elric brothers was invited to stay with his family when she was in town visiting a then hospitalized Edward Elric, and she bonded with his daughter to the point where they were 'like sisters'. He used Military resources to try and help the Elric brothers in the search for the Philosopher's stone, a legendary artifact that could possibly restore their original bodies. His death, as it came, was due to his discovery of a massive transmutation circle that encompassed the entire country of Amestris - key points being made at large sites that had seen war, or uprisings.


Hughes cares very much for his family, having met his wife Gracia before the Ishbal war, corresponded to her during, and married her afterwards. Gracia and Elysia are the two most beloved women in his life—a fact he won’t soon let anyone forget. Always on him is a family photo, something that would play a key factor in his downfall in the series. It was due to Envy’s manipulation of that love and subsequent transformation into the image of Gracia that he was able to render Hughes unable to attack him. He's quick to claim that his wife makes the best apple pie you'd ever see anywhere, and enjoys the family life with no regrets.


Hardworking, Hughes also supports Colonel Roy Mustang’s goals and aspirations. Hughes is very close to Mustang, having known him since enlisting in the Military Academy. Their views were similar, and changed similarly with time – values changing most especially with the war in Ishbal. He's made a promise to help push Roy up to the top from below, to help him achieve his goal of becoming Fuhrer. Roy's ideals are ones he too believes in, putting his faith that Roy would make Amestris a wholly better country. He continues to give Roy the heads up on things going on due to his position in Investigations. Of course, that's only after he sends Roy an earful about Elysia's latest escapades.


Did you know—just yesterday she said -- Hey! Don't hang up!




As we meet him, Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes works a fairly usual job - somewhat similar to that of a police officer. Given his position in the Investigations Department, he's either sitting at his desk with a chunk of paperwork (which he seems to never get done,) or out at the scene of the crime. Other extensions of his line of work include taking in suspects for questioning or trial, and bragging over the phone about his daughter on the military line. One of Hughes' main cases is that of a murderer who targets only enlisted Military Alchemists. He's known only as 'Scar' due to the cross shaped scar across his face, as documented from witnesses.


In his past, Maes Hughes participated on the Amestrian side of the war against Ishbal. While not an alchemist, Hughes followed orders by the Fuhrer as a soldier and participated in the mass extermination of the Ishballian race. He met up with Roy Mustang, who at he hadn't seen since their time back at the Academy. The both of them at this point realized that their ideals had begun to change, and that the country was starting to turn down a dark road. Maes Hughes believed that Roy Mustang had the ability to make a change, and would do what he could to support him from lower ranks. This promise would be an ironic one as things progressed in the series.


After Edward Elric explores the depths of the abandoned fifth laboratory and is hospitalized due to his injuries, Hughes and a few other Military officers visit him to check things out. Edward shows them diagrams of the Homunculi he saw (Lust and Envy) and explains the events that happened. Unexpectedly, the Fuhrer King Bradley shows up and puts everyone on their toes. He tells them that they should trust no-one else in the Military, and disallows them from getting anyone else involved in their affairs.


However, not satisfied, Maes Hughes continues his research and eventually comes to a realization that the Military is creating a large transmutation circle around the country. The homunculus Lust then attacks him, and it is apparent that he may have been under some sort of watch (as Bradley himself was a homunculus,) and he escapes the conflict with only a flesh wound after embedding a throwing knife in her forehead. While not killed, she doesn't pursue him.


Hughes almost uses the Military lines to contact Roy Mustang about what he has discovered, but upon recalling that the lines may be tapped, he abandons this plan and goes outside to use a public phone. An altercation with Envy happens at the phonebooth. Envy had copied the 2nd Lt. Maria Ross improperly, missing the mole under her eye - something that Hughes calls him out on as his call is slowly being connected to Roy Mustang's office. (He is forced to enter a code and wait a period for a connection due to not being on a military line. He shouts at the operator "The military is in trouble, hurry up!" at one point while waiting.) Envy manipulates Hughes by transforming into Gracia's form, rendering Hughes unable to attack. Envy then shoots Hughes, and leaves him to die in the phonebooth. Just as Mustang picks up the phone.


Maes Hughes was buried with full honors and promoted (past Roy's status of Colonel) to Brigadier General.

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