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Aliases Eleven, XI, The Graceful Assassin
Canon Kingdom Hearts
Gender Male
Age Old enough
Species Nobody
Crimes committed Murder, conspiracy to murder, world destruction, treachery, deception, rebellion, assault, kidnapping and imprisonment of a minor, coercion, cruelty, manipulation, pride, vanity, excessive use of the colour pink
Journal Mr Flower Petals
Player Sora Ishida


On first impression, Marluxia is charming, persuasive, charismatic and confident.


But to describe him so simply would be to ignore the manipulative, power-hungry and egotistical being that lurks beneath the pretty hair flowers and honeyed words. Amongst the Organization, he is "The Graceful Assassin" - an appropriate title for one who espouses both perfection and beauty whilst plotting murder and mutiny.


Marluxia is accomplished at deception. As a Nobody (the empty shell created when a person's heart is stolen; they are believed to be incapable of true emotion), pretending is second nature to Marluxia. Lacking a heart as he does, he must base any display of sentiment upon memory of what they were like. This results in certain 'habits' of false emotion developing - in Marluxia's case, a tendency towards melodrama, vanity over his appearance, and a certain enjoyment out of manipulating those around him like puppets. He is, perhaps, more 'in touch' with the workings of the heart than some of the older members of the Organization; having lost his own more recently. Thus allowing him to pretend to appear more 'normal' and less coldly distant or strangely imbalanced than he otherwise might.


Despite being eleventh recruit of the fourteen thirteen-strong Organization XIII, he believes it is his right to be the one in charge. Impatient and frustrated with the leadership of the group's elders (in partucular, their "Superior", Xemnas), he stages a rebellion that ultimately leads to his downfall (and directly or indirectly to the decimation of nearly half of the Organization). In this lies one of his largest faults - pride. Marluxia is prone to over-estimating his own ability and intelligence; arrogantly believing himself incapable of failure. Believing he is always right can blind him to certain truths. It is probably no surprise, then, that Marluxia resents authority. However, he will happily give the impression of obeisance as long as he is somehow working towards placing himself on the throne, or knows that it will in some way benefit him.


Marluxia carries himself so regally, one could almost believe him to have been raised as royalty - and perhaps he was (no one but himself, and possibly Xemnas knows who he was before he became a Nobody). Certainly he acts the part - with his perfect posture, graceful movements and delicate - almost feminine features (not to mention the pride and superiority complex, already discussed). He even speaks in a measured, calm manner, interspersed with many poignant pauses. Mistaking him as girly or foppish, however, might be the last thing you do. He is an accomplished warrior, and does know how to use his scythe and powers very well. Though, when it comes down to it, mind games are far more to his liking than coarse brutality that is what one has minions for, after all. An occasional dramatic flair will show itself, usually in the form of a burst of flower petals or a flashy show of power. Marluxia is certainly not above showing off his awesomeness so that others might be suitably impressed, or terrified, as the case may be.




He can summon a massive pink and green scythe from the darkness (accompanied by a swirl of petals, of course) which he can wield, throw like a boomerang, and swing to emit waves of energy.  His typical pink and green scythe (pictured above) is named Graceful Dahlia.


Marluxia's scythe has several alternate versions that have various different abilities and powers as well as different appearances.  These are: Treacherous Erica, Abandoned Anemone, Proud Amaryllis, Enthusiastic Safflower, Helpless Melissa, Grieving Allium, Suffering Cineraria, Deceptive Silene, Insincere Digitalis, Despairing Muscari, Submitting Vallota, Silent Belladonna, Parting Ipheion, Supreme Gerbera, Valiant Achillea, Classy Peony,  Dreadful Liquorice, Reprising Thistle, Tempting Helianthus, Solemn Magnolia, Sacred Lotus, Elegant Lily-of-the-valley, and Disturbing Ladle.



Marluxia's has control over the 'element' of flowers.  In practice, this seems to extend to a control over all plant life; as he has been known to summon and manipulate vines and venus fly traps, in addition to his trademark flowers and petals (typically cherry blossom or rose).


He is able to construct a petal-clone of himself, and attack an enemy with stinging storms of petals and darkness.  He can summon deadly black circles to cover the ground which damage anyone who touches them.  When truly pressed he merges with (assumedly) a lesser Nobody to become a much stronger part-mecha, part angelic being.  (It it's uncertain whether he is even aware of his ability to do this...since it only occured as a last resort while fighting for his life)

As with the other Organization XIII members, he is able to utilise the corridors of darkness to travel within and between worlds almost instantaneously.  He has also displayed the ability to move very quickly and to levitate, which many of the other Organization members have also shown.  It is likely that he can summon lesser Nobodies such as Dusks and Creepers and possibly Geomancers a species specific to himself (such as the Assassins are to Axel and the Dancers to Demyx), but since the lesser Nobodies do not ever appear in Castle Oblivion it is not known for certain.



Marluxia retains his ability to use the corridors of darkness to travel anywhere within the Asylum dome, but cannot reach beyond it.  He is still able to call Graceful Dahlia into existence, and wield her as he was able to outside.  However throwing and recalling the scythe, will tire him greatly, and energy waves emitted from it are significantly weaker.


Vines and petals still answer his call, but attacking with large storms of petals or summoning and controlling a great number of vines will exhaust him.  Without too much effort, he can summon a thin, relatively short vine, however lengthening, thickening, and even thorning vines will take significantly more effort.  Marluxia retains the ability to move very quickly, or 'flicker' from one place to another very fast, but doing so for longer than a few minutes or so will be very tiring.  He is still able to levitate as well as use that power to aid in jumping higher and leaping further.   He is no longer able to create the doom circles, or summon any lesser Nobodies.


Marluxia In Action

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Chris Redfield


Conrad Weller

Euphemia li Britannia

Fletcher Tringham

Hatoko Kobayashi

Robert "Bob" (Ken Murata)

Lelouch vi Britannia

Matoi Tsunetsuki

Seras Victoria



Yuuri Shibuya


Daniel Jackson

Kanami Joushima

Kaylee Frye




Green Thumb - Well, duh.  See also, Elemental Powers.

Flower Motifs - Moreso in the manga...but he sprouts petals often enough in the game, and Castle Oblivion has a distinctly floral theme. Not to mention the floor design during battles with him.

Something About A Rose - Used (in the manga) almost as much as the petal clouds, for dramatic effect.

Man Eating Plant - So very useful.

Garden Of Evil - Come to my garden, little ones~

Big Bad - Chain of Memories is completely his stage, bitches.

Black Cloak - Needs no explanation.

You Are Number Six - Eleven (XI) in the Organization by joining order.  But approximately four or five in seniority by the time Chain of Memories begins.

The Starscream  - Being Big Bad of his own Castle isn't enough, Marluxia wants it ALL and Xemnas' head on a platter.

Red Baron - The Graceful Assassin.

Magnificent Bastard - Bastardry with flair.

Draco In Leather Pants - Pretty and evil?  But of course.

Sinister Scythe - Not only sinister, but stylish. See also, Improbable Weapon Wielder.

Spin To Deflect Stuff - Watch out for that windmill of death.

Theme Naming - See the weapon section above.

Joke Item - Did I mention he has a Ladle?

Real Men Wear Pink - Of course they do.

Significant Anagram - Staple for the Organization.  Though his is canonically unknown.  Mun likes 'Lauriam'.

Teach Him Anger - Sora would have made such a wonderful puppet...

Stationary Boss - Epic final battle, and he can't even move. :/

Chronic Villainy - It's all because of the lack of heart...really. (Perhaps not entirely true for Marluxia, since he seems less concerned with regaining a heart than he is with taking over the Organization.  But one assumes a significant part of the predisposition to villainy stems from the lack of feeling.)

Jerk Ass - Probably less so than Axel...but there nevertheless.



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