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misaoshiru, Misao, Misa, Mi...idek what else I've been called, Michao, Michaochao, Michamp, Misaongno, imouto, Mi-chan. Meganium, Meganphone, Meganekko, Moegan


More comprehensive list being formed here.

Age Twenty
Birthday August 4th
Gender Female
Location In your pants chat, probably naked.
Character/s Kallen Kouzuki, Pearl Fey
AIM misaoshiru, ikitemiru yo
Journal misaoshiru @ LJ

This is madness!


idek, I'll add more later. (And yes, I suck at HTML.)



Megan plans in the near future to app both Mao and Jeremiah, and spend the rest of her days protecting Lelouch and his family from herself. Which is only fitting, really.

She is also a thousand years old. Trufax.


She is also very Megan. Which is every adjective which describes her.





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