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Nunnally vi Britannia (NoN)

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Nunnally vi Britannia

Aliases Nunnally Lamperouge
Canon Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally
Timeline Post-series
Gender Female
Age 14
Species Copycat
Crimes committed Treason, sedition, heresy, destruction of property, assault, violation of sovereignty, obstruction of justice, trespassing
Journal 87th
Player Ketsuban

This page is going to be spoilerriffic. Watch your step!


Personality: Nunnally is a sweet, kind, and gentle girl. She sees the best in everyone, and wishes for everyone to be happy. Her most earnest wish is for the world to become a "kind and gentle" one where everyone can live in peace and happiness. She once was consumed by anger and helplessness, but has overcome them and now is able to stand strong and face the world. She still wants everyone to be happy, but she knows that it will take persistence and effort to reach the day when that can happen. Because she's so sweet and (mostly) innocent, though, she can easily be suckered. A bad person pretending to be good will have little trouble fooling her. Luckily, she's good at making real friends, too, who can help her out if something goes awry.


Nunnally believes strongly in the power of humanity and in the good in most people. She's no longer so sheltered as to believe that no one could possibly be bad, but her first instinct upon meeting a new person is to trust them. If someone turns out to be truly bad, she'll feel hurt and betrayed, but won't hold a grudge even if it comes down to a fight. In fact, in battle Nunnally will refuse to take another's life. She'll only fight to disarm or disable her opponent, and is hesitant to even injure them non-fatally. She's the epitome of pacifism. And simply put, Nunnally has become a stronger person than she once was. She is "no longer lost," as Lelouch puts it.


Abilities: Nunnally is a Wired Geass user, meaning she is able to access the power of Eden Vital without a contract. Her inborn Geass is called "The Zero"; it is the power, essentially, to return all of humanity to the collective consciousness that it once was eons ago. This is a power she absolutely refuses to use; it would certainly bring about peace for mankind, but it would mean no future, no way to move forward, and certainly would not be a "kind and gentle world".


Another aspect of "The Zero" is the ability to see the world lines of the future. This ability was initially brought out in Nunnally by Nemo, a mud-doll copy of the witch C.C., and allows her to see what is yet to come. It is highly effective on the battlefield, allowing her to accurately predict her opponent's moves and counter them effortlessly. She can see not only the world lines of her own future, but also those of countless other realities, including the reality in which Lelouch became the emperor of Britannia and was slain by Suzaku. (When contracted with Nemo, Nunnally was also able to summon a custom Knightmare frame called the Mark Nemo, but with her contract cancelled she can no longer use this ability.)


Unrelated to her Geass ability, this Nunnally is able to both walk and see. Her blindness and lameness were both brought on psychologically; when she made the decision to move forward and embrace the light, she threw off her shackles. Her other senses are still heightened thanks to the years she spent blind, but she's probably not always the best at balancing on two feet.

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