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Rosalie Hale

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Rosalie Hale

Aliases Rose, Blondie, Psycho
Canon Twilight
Timeline Between Twilight and New Moon
Gender Female
Age 90
Species Sparklepire
Crimes committed Murder, torture, theft, accessory to forgery, envy, narcissism
Journal marblerose
Player Ketsuban

Personality: The first impression one gets of Rosalie Hale is that of a selfish, spoiled, self-obsessed bitch. And that first impression really isn't far off the mark. She cares for her family, especially her husband Emmett Cullen, but she is very vain, and can hold a grudge like you wouldn't believe. If you get on Rosalie's bad side, you can expect to stay there for a very, very long time.


Beneath Rosalie's bitchy exterior, there is a lot of pain hidden. She was always vain and beautiful, but as a human she wanted nothing more than an ordinary life, a husband and a child to love. And then that was all stripped from her in one act of brutality, and due to her vampiric nature she can never bear children. So she's bitter about that, also. She would give anything to be human again, up to and including her relationship with her vampire family, possibly even her marriage to Emmett, but she's not too sure on that last one.


On the flip side, if you endear yourself to Rosalie, you've made a good friend. She's loyal to those she cares for, and won't stand for their being threatened. She has a bit of a motherly side, and is an enemy of mindless violence and hatred, ironically enough. It's because of this (and also her own sense of pride) that she refuses to drink human blood, feeding only on wild animals.


Abilities: Rosalie, of course, is a vampire. She is obscenely strong and fast, able to crush boulders without even thinking about it, and to move faster than the human eye can discern. She can see for up to miles, unhindered by distance or the amount and quality of light -- and can see a bit of the way into the ultraviolet range, as well -- and she can hear for about a hundred or so yards. Her other major ability is her enhanced sense of smell, which naturally comes with being a hunter. She can make out the distinct scents of individual humans, and if the wind is right she can smell them from a mile or two away.


Her skin is as hard as diamonds and as smooth as marble, and she's cold to the touch, almost like a corpse. And of course, her teeth are powerful enough to rip open the throat of an elephant, and her saliva is venomous. Infecting a human with it would cause him or her to transform into a vampire over the course of several long, painful days.


In Marina: She'll retain her natural physical abilities, but will find that feats of extreme strength, etc., are more tiring than usual. Additionally, it will take much more of her saliva than usual to kill humans or create vampires.

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