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Aliases No XIII, The Destined Key, Sora
Canon Kingdom Hearts
Timeline During the fight with Riku
Gender Male
Age Either 1 or 15
Species Nobody
Crimes committed Destruction of worlds, mass murder, murder, betrayal, occasionally being a pretty lousy friend.
Journal lens_flare
Player Kay

Personality: A year ago, a tender newborn Nobody with no memories -- none at all -- was found by the Organization and given a name. In the absence of his memories, Roxas only knew what he was told by others, and what he experienced for himself. Considering the group he fell in with, it's a wonder he turned out as well-balanced as he did.


Roxas is overall a good-natured boy, not overly outgoing but far from shy. He's completely unselfconscious, and will talk frankly with you because he doesn't really see any point in hiding his opinions, and he doesn't really buy the party line about not having emotions but he doesn't care enough to make big waves. He's not out to change the only family he has. He just has subtle, inoffensive fun on the sidelines, hanging out and smiling and laughing. And he's different -- special -- and he knows that he is. He can be introspective, but he only suffers fleeting moments of conscience and doubt.


This is his life, that's all. It's the only thing he's ever known.


But Mysterious Events challenged his placid contentment and made him ask questions. Why did he have the keyblade? Why did it choose him? Did it choose him?


Who is he, anyway?


So he left the Organization -- in a dark, dark mood -- to find Riku and get some answers. Roxas in a dark mood is not a friendly or a pleasant person: he's downright cold, to the point of callousness, determined to get what he wants and willing to resort to violence the moment he doesn't get it.


And then things got worse.


Abilities: As a keyblade master, Roxas has the power of summoning two -- yes, "two?!" -- keyblades, although they both technically belong to Sora. These can be used to open locked doors, free hearts, and also smack things upside the head. As a human-form Nobody, he can create corridors, and has the ability to control Heartless and lesser Nobodies (Dusks, Creepers, and his own Samurai).


Roxas is remarkably agile and sturdy. He commands the element of light, and can summon it effortlessly; he can apparently blur and travel very fast in beams of light, form pillars of burning white light, and create lasers to shoot at his opponent.


He also can use simple magic like Cure, although he doesn't care for it. And he rides a mean skateboard.


Multifandom Test: Let's see. Roxas would have an interesting relationship with Tyki from D. Gray-man. Roxas would empathize with both Tyki's white mode and his black mode; he feels like the former a lot of the time, an outsider looking in on humanity and would envy his easy connection with them; and he deals with the latter all the time, as a member of the Organization dedicated to wiping out whole worlds to acquire hearts for his own goals. He'd interest Roxas, although the interest might not be mutual, and Roxas would be unfazed by his snark and irreverence because, hello, Axel is his best friend. Also, I'm guessing he'd be an easy mark in poker.

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