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Russel Tringham

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Russel Tringham

Aliases Edward Elric
Canon Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
Timeline Post-series
Gender Male
Age 15
Species Overprotective brother
Crimes committed Negligent homicide, impersonating a military officer, destruction of property, destruction of military property, vandalism, treason, assault and battery, assaulting a military officer, resisting arrest, jailbreak, illegal scientific research, conspiracy to commit counterfeit, kidnapping, stalking, hubris
Journal _stalk
Player Lance




Personality: Russel is very adept in presenting a personality that best suits his needs. When we first meet him, he is polite, even humble to the people of Xenotime. He is playing the role of the ideal, exactly what people expect of a State Alchemist, behaving with the maturity of what people would expect of the young man that was the youngest State Alchemist ever. He is calm, calculating, and protective Fletcher, not even allowing him to handle a sharp, rusty chisel, nor permitting him to practice alchemy, something their father had forbidden. However, that covers a deeper, simmering anger. Where that anger is directed is ambiguous, but he has it shoved down so deep its only outlet is against the last of his loved ones left in the world: Fletcher. He has even hit him at times. But instead, Russel pours himself into his research, seeking every angle, no matter the personal, emotional, or physical cost to himself. He tells Fletcher to not worry about the military, because he will make sure the boy stays safe, leaving the possibilities of what he was willing to accept for his own fate infinite.


However, Ed shows up, and we begin to see more of the real Russel. He is arrogant, mouthy, and enjoys poking fun at a person’s weaknesses. He has a short fuse himself, too, despite his façade. In fact, the majority of Russel’s personality while living with Mugear is a huge façade. He presents one face to the people of Xenotime, another to Mugear, yet another to Fletcher, and the truest face is actually presented to Ed during their battles. But, this is all shattered when Mugear confronts the brothers about their true identities. Russel is left torn between avenging his beloved father, protecting his brother, and completing the research he has poured so much of himself into, the same research that has killed so many innocent people in this town. The collapse of Mugear’s mansion in the ensuing catastrophe also signaled a collapse in Russel’s single-minded mentality. The brothers escape stronger, closer, and wiser for it all. Russel promises to Ed in a parting note that he will try to be a better brother to Fletcher.


Since then, he is working every day toward that goal. He considers himself indebted to Edward for the kick in the pants he sorely needed, and saw the diary page as this opportunity. He and Fletcher went to Central in search of Edward. Once they found him and gave him the vital information in the diary, Russel considered the debt almost settled. Almost. When Alphonse emerged a clean slate, remembering nothing of the two years he and Edward had journeyed together, Russel decided that the best way to watch out for him was to distance his own sketchy criminal record from him. So they returned to Xenotime to continue research that is actually valuable: returning greenery to the town.


Now, he struggles with his own burgeoning maturity, fighting against his inherent stubbornness and his egoism to do what is best for Fletcher. He dances the line between parent and brother, between giving Fletcher the freedom he needs to grow, and protecting him against the cruel and unusual world. The mask is also still firmly in place, only truly showing his real self to Fletcher, though it is not as severe and stark as it had been in the past.


Abilities: He is a very capable hand-to-hand fighter, but not exceeding normal human capabilities. He has speed and strength, and enjoys taunting his adversary by dodging their initial blows, and only throwing a punch of his own if the right verbal slap to the face is given, or if his opponent actually connects. He has no trouble creating an unfair advantage for himself, and will do what he has to to win. He also is an alchemist, though he must rely on circles to do his work. He is almost on Ed's level in this regard, though he specializes in botanical and other forms of plant-based alchemy.

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