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Aliases William the Bloody, Blondie Bear, Captain Peroxide
Canon Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Gender Male
Age Approx. 130
Species Vampire
Crimes committed Murder, destruction, attempted rape, assault
Journal heart_at_stake
Player Haunt




Post-Buffy, Season 5 Angel, mid-finale



Countless counts of murder, attempted rape, destruction of property, theft, aggravated assault, stalking, and incest



Whether he has been good, big bad, or indifferent, Spike has always always been passionate about love and fighting. He is very intelligent and perceptive, but 9 times out of 10 he'll chuck a good plan if it means he can get his hands dirty and have a little fun. He enjoys his unlife as much as possible—indulging blood, alcohol and a variety of other foods, poking fun at anyone that moves, and exploring a range of carnal pursuits.


When he was a human he lived in nineteenth century England, taking care of his ailing mother and struggling as a poet. Others mocked and belittled his meager literary skills, meek attitude, and sensitivity. Once he was turned into a vampire his personality grew bold and daring, but he still retained many of his very human attributes like loyalty, intelligence, and his romantic nature which was unusual for a vampire. Of course, these same traits were often twisted into something dark. Later, out of love for the slayer, Buffy Summers, he chose to endure a difficult and painful process to regain his soul. It turns out there aren't that many personality differences between a vampire Spike with or without a soul, though he no longer feeds on humans.


He prefers to move forward rather than brooding over the his significant past and his actions are generally motivated by his current love interest. He is sarcastic and pithy, often even with the people he cares about, but he is also very protective of them. He can be immature at times and enjoys pop culture including shows like Passions, video games, and bands like the Sex Pistols.



Spike is a vampire which comes with a special set of strengths and weaknesses. In his world this means he is significantly stronger and faster than a human. He doesn't need to breathe or eat food although he does need to drink blood. Not drinking blood won't kill him, however, but it would leave him looking like a walking corpse. Crosses repel him. Holy water burns. Sunlight, decapitation, and a wooden stake to the heart will kill him, but he isn't susceptible to disease or aging. Wounds inflicted beyond those listed will cause him pain, but they won't kill him and they will heal quickly, but not instantly. His body is resistant to toxins and intoxicants, but using a high enough dose will have its effect. He possesses supernatural stealth as well, although he tends to prefer a bit more drama than that provides. He is also capable of transforming his facial features at will to show his vampiric face, which is characterized by fangs, yellowed eyes, and an exaggerated nose and brow. Strong, primal emotions can also evoke the transformation.


His long lifespan and extensive travels have given him time and opportunity to learn and hone many skills. He is a skilled combatant in both hand-to-hand fighting and with the use of weapons, though he prefers the former. He can also speak other languages including Fyarl demon and Latin and has a familiarity with basic magics and demon cultures. He has a knack for getting into someone's head which he often uses to his advantage or amusement. He can be very insightful, though his emotions get in the way when it involves him personally. He can also write incredibly bad poetry.

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