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Yuuri Shibuya

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Yuuri Shibuya

Aliases Your Majesty (Heika)
Canon Kyou Kara Maou
Gender Male
Age 16
Species Half-human/half-demon
Crimes committed Dodging royal responsibilities, property damage
Journal demon_king
Player Haunt
Profile ♔ Timeline: 10-49 | 50+Relationships



After episode 78, before season 3 and OVAs



Failure to correctly perform all the functions of a king including, but not limited to, paperwork, history studies, sword prowess, cultural understanding, and avoiding kidnapping and manipulation.



Yuuri sees himself as a pretty typical teenage boy and no matter what extraordinary things happen to him—from getting literally flushed down a toilet into another world where he becomes the demon king to fighting against a long dormant evil adversary—he retains that one basic truth about himself.


Since Yuuri doesn't see himself as anything particularly special, it is always very odd to him when other people do, whether he is the target of some sort of political plot or they are admiring his ordinary appearance as something remarkable.


He loves adventure and new experiences. He gets excited about anything that reminds him of movies or video games he has enjoyed while growing up in Japan. For instance, when he found out there were dragons, he had to visit them and when he met a hero with a holy sword along the way it was even better.


Yuuri always follows his heart even when others are advising against his choices or customs and traditions run counter to what he is doing. He can be very impulsive and he is quick to trust. He is extremely caring and compassionate, but he will also stand up for what he believes in. He is a brave person when it counts, but that doesn't mean he won't flail about and act skittish about things too. It's also not exactly a challenge to confuse him.



Yuuri is just an average student who happens to be a king unless you count his baseball skills. Of course, if the situation is dire, he does have this tendency to grow a mullet, demand justice, and smite the wrong doer with his powerful ability to command water. But mostly it is the baseball thing… He's also shown himself able to perform healing magic without going into "maou mode."


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