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Aliases Highlight to read: Cain, The First Murderer
Canon Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Timeline Just post-game (Amane route)
Gender Male
Age 24 (physical age) [Highlight to read: Over/Around 6000]
Species Human
Crimes committed TOO MANY TO LIST
Journal cursedmemory
Player Matt

Abandon all fear of spoilers, ye who enter here.


I'm serious. :|


Now that we've got that out of the way.



On the surface, Naoya is a fairly polite young man, though one with a very odd talent for reading people, as if he's seen this all before. For the most part, this is true, though most of the politeness is due to him knowing that you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. It's only on certain topics that he lets people see past the mask – a bitter young (old?) man who has a severe grudge against God for something that happened over five thousand years ago. It's probably not helping that he can remember everything that happened in his past lives, so he's got information from the day he murdered his brother to the present day.


His greatest wish is for someone to take down God – ideally his brother, Abel. Unfortunately for him, Abel seems to want none of that, since the Abel that he's closest to seems to have gone over to God's side... well. That just pushes him further towards instability.


Naoya isn't 'evil' - not as he sees it, anyway. He works with who he wants, when he wants, for his own ends. It just so happens that many of those ends are related to taking down God, or otherwise worming doubt of God's perfection into the hearts of the people around him. In his own mind, he's doing this for the good of humanity (and possibly because it amuses him), because God will step in and remove free will from humanity if He thinks humans aren't capable of handling it. Naoya thinks that God is an unfair and unjust ruler - he was the one who toiled in the fields while his brother just had to sit and watch sheep! In his own words, "what God wanted was blood! Blood does not run in crops! He asked the impossible of me!"


... Be warned. Discussion of God or religion can and will earn you derisive laughter at the very least, counterquoting of scripture if you attempt to quote at him, possible crazy ranting if pushed, and actual violence if pushed further.


... On a more relatable note, though, Naoya has a massive sweet tooth. All your dango are belong to him.

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