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Faith Lehane

Page history last edited by Yaywon 10 years, 6 months ago

Faith Lehane

Aliases Artemia, Vampire Slayer, Dark Slayer, Rogue Slayer
Canon Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Timeline Post-BTVS end
Gender Female
Age 22
Species Slayer
Crimes committed Murder. And tons of others.
Journal five_byfive
Player Yaywon


The first few words that come to mind when one sees Faith are rebel, bright, energetic, and easy-going. She's the type of girl that cuts class, smokes outside, and disobeys teachers. She would be the one to stay after school in detention, rather than participate in any extracurricular activities. Other girls her age would partially hate and love her. After all, Faith is a party animal, the type to smoothly insinuate herself on the dance floor and easily steal boyfriends. She knows how to have fun and doesn't seem to be repressed by standard morals and ethics.


But underneath her rough and tumble exterior, Faith is damaged. Spending her childhood with a single drunken mother, neglected of any kind of parental care, Faith's personality was born scarred. She has major insecurities about herself, especially those involving fitting in. Despite her efforts to seem easy and sociable, Faith craves for the kind of friendship that she's seen other kids her age have. Because of her insecurity, Faith is easily manipulated and alienated from others. Of course, her personality has further been developed by the fact that she is one of the Chosen Ones. A Vampire Slayer. Faith enjoys slaying, almost too much. She uses slaying as an outlet for her inner easily excitable anger.


Her own slaying aside, Faith is easily intimidated. She lashes out at people in order to hide that intimidation, that weakness in herself. She has a fragmented perspective of people. While she does crave their attention and support, she also considers herself above them in a way. Later in the series, this aspect of her personality lessens to a degree, however, it is still there.


After her journey of redemption, Faith matures. It shows that she has the capacity to feel human emotions, to become someone other than the psychopath she was in the earlier seasons of Buffy. She's less hasty and violent. She also possesses enough morals and self-consciousness to avoid hurting people to a large degree or resorting to murder. While Faith still enjoys slaying, she favors quick dusting over long exaggerated torture sessions. She's still as energetic as ever and is a rebel at heart.


A woman not afraid to use her looks to get what she wants, perfectly fine with physical violence, and sarcastic to boot, Faith is the anti-hero and helluva fun to be around.


Abilities: Faith is a Vampire Slayer which basically means a “hot chick with super powers”. She possesses an inordinate amount of strength, able to punch holes in bathroom tiling with little to no effort and to lift barbells with one hand. Faith also has high endurance, speed, and agility, far greater than human capabilities. She's skilled in both gymnastics and martial arts, having trained under her Watcher for a few years before becoming one of the Chosen One. She also has heightened senses, able to detect vampires if they're in the general vicinity. Faith possesses extraordinary reflexes enough to dodge bullets at point blank range. She's also a weapons specialist. Faith is also skilled in the art of torture. She possesses rapid healing (injuries recovering in the span of a few hours, the fatal ones in about a day) and has been known to have prophetic dreams.


Restrictions: Less rapid regeneration. :D

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