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Minako Aino

Page history last edited by Yaywon 9 years, 7 months ago

Minako Aino

Aliases Sailor Venus, Sailor V, Princess of Venus, V-babe, Mina
Canon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Timeline Post-End, pre-time skip
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Venusian
Crimes committed Hostility, destroying public property, identity theft, destroying private property, loitering, public disturbance, reckless behavior, coercion, abuse of an authority figure, insubordination, resisting arrest, breaking and entering, running from the scene of a crime, murder, assault and battery, greed, envy, narcissism, impersonating a federal officer,
Journal dutiful_love
Player Yaywon

On the surface, Minako can be classified right off the bat as happy-go-lucky, cheerful, ever-optimistic, and bubbly. She's an underachiever, preferring to play video games over studying for school. She's also flirty, crushing easily on those she finds attractive or kind (or bad-ass, or sickly, or musically talented etc. etc). She can appear rather optimistic and fickle in her affections. Worries that are too serious and cares that are too worn are ignored by Minako. She's incredibly friendly and always willing to extend a hand to others in need without thinking ulterior motives (unless you're an extremely hunky guy).

She's not as superficial as she sometimes appears to be however. Minako has been shown to be quite serious when the situation calls for it. She's not easily flustered or agitated when in battle, in fact, she takes the reins quite easily as leader of the Sailor Scouts. She's determined and strong and charismatic and is someone that the others can easily look up to. It's also amazing how Minako has set her priorities. She knows that she cannot ever fall in love and she's willing to accept that. All she cares about is protecting the princess and the others from certain doom. Whatever discomfort she has over the fact that she cannot ever love is successfully disregarded for her ultimate duty. Duty is sacred and is incredibly important to her.

Of course, Minako has her own character flaws as well. She gets selfish and jealous quite easily over superficial things like popularity and such. Like any other young teenage girl, Minako's vain and narcissistic. She worries about her looks quite often possibly due to the fact that she is the reincarnation of the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite, who was not known for her modesty.

Minako isn't very complicated! She's sweet and cheerful and can get down to business just like - that - oh, and she'll totally take you to go shopping too - and sometimes she'll get snippy and whiny - but at the end of the day, Minako has something she loves very dearly and would do anything to protect.


ABILITIES: As the whole premise of the plot of Sailor Moon centers on pretty girls transforming into super-magical versions of themselves, Minako of course, possesses a similar transformation. She is the guardian of Venus, Sailor Venus, the reincarnation of Aphrodite, and is part of Sailor Moon's past and future royal court.


Her initial transformation was Sailor V using the Moon Compact. In this form, Sailor V had a number of physical attacks (Sailor V Kick, Chop, Punch) including Crescent Boomerang. Her energy-based attacks were Crescent Beam and Love Crescent Shower. Eventually, Minako transforms into Sailor Venus, abandoning her former guise. She wears the basic sailor soldier costume. Her attacks in this form include Crescent Beam, Venus Wink Chain Sword and Venus Love me Chain. Later on Minako gains a power-up. No longer just Sailor Venus, Minako becomes Super Sailor Venus. Attacks include Venus Love and Beauty Shock (including previous attacks.) Once again Minako is promoted. Eternal Sailor Venus [[Venus Crystal Power – Make Up!]] is able to unleash all of her previous attacks.


Surprisingly, Minako also has a few abilities that do not depend on her transformations and are in fact, natural. She's quite adept and skilled at sports, especially volleyball. Also, out of all the scouts, Minako has the most experience fighting evil and is therefore the aforementioned leader of the team.

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