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Alice Elliot

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Alice Elliot


Aliases N/A
Canon Shadow Hearts Wiki
Timeline Current; Canon ending of Shadow Hearts
Gender Female.
Age twenty. I think.
Species links to uhhhhh tv tropes here sometime
Crimes committed Selfishness, murder, trespassing and indecent exposure.
Journal PinkPanties
Player Oli
Permissions here.



When we are first introduced to Alice Elliot, she is shy and withdrawn. After suffering the loss of her father in a brutal murder, she is taken by the Japanese Military and thrown in to the path of chaos as her father’s murderer appears yet again to snatch her away. Appearing at first as a helpless heroine, she is saved by a brash “rude hero” who manages to take her to safety albeit after she’s been knocked unconscious. Witnessing so much in such a short span of time does overwhelm her, although through the course of events in the game she gradually matures out of her naïve initial self to a stronger, more determined woman.


Alice is a firm believer of right over wrong, and won’t falter to lend a hand to those in need. Alice has been able to sense and hear supernatural beings since she was a small child. Growing up in London, she lived with her father, Morris Elliot, who was a priest for the Vatican. Empathic of the souls she could sense, she became an exorcist and began to travel with her father to perform exorcisms across Europe. She goes out of her way on occasions such as “The Dollhouse”, a house inhibited by the lonely soul of a doll who had killed the father of its former playmate, his daughter, because she wanted another someone to play with. After releasing the soul of the doll, the man was able to also rest in peace after bidding Alice and companions thanks for the deed they’d completed for him. While not the strongest fighter, and perhaps not the loudest voice—Alice lets herself love and cherish the people she meets, and is compassionate towards their stories.


Alice is a very polite and selfless person, not wanting to burden others or concern them with her problems. This practice in turn is ironically selfish in a way, for she keeps silent about her impending demise so that Yuri will not know she had made a deal for her soul to be taken instead of his. She even swears another party member to silence after they demand she spill the beans on her odd behavior.




Aside from spirit sensing/ picking up on lingering emotions, Alice is a Light-class fighter with a better focus on healing than her fellow party members. Her physical attacks are somewhat… lacking in comparison, consisting of whacking things with the bible she uses for her magic. Her powers are considered quite rare, making her kidnappable by the evil baddies of the game to fuel their plans, apparently. And she can pull off extreme short skirtism!

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