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Kitty Pryde (Evolution)

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Katherine "Kitty" Pryde

Aliases Shadowcat
Canon X-Men: Evolution
Timeline Arrived in Marina shortly after the end of season 2 (started in game: Mar 29, 2010)
Gender Female
Age About 16
Species Mutant
Crimes committed Destruction of public property, conspiracy, rebellion, vigilantism
Journal http://kitty-phase.insanejournal.com/
Player Sailor Gundam 06


Canon History

Kitty was born to affluent parents in Illinois.  As an only child, she was raised as "their little girl", somewhat spoiled.  She came home from school with a terrible headache one afternoon and, while laying in her bed to rest, she phased through her bed and floor into the living room below.  Her startled screams woke her parents, who didn't know what to do, either.  She was coincidentally visited by Professor Xavier the next morning, who explained her mutant power and invited her to join his school.  At first, her parents rejected the invitation, but, after several days and an incident that forced Kitty to use her powers to save her parents from falling rubble, she told them she wanted to go.  They let her.


Kitty was initially put off by other mutants who's appearance was odd to her.  However, she eventually grows to be friendly with the others around her and becomes an important part of the team.  She's roommates with Rogue, and the two are surprisingly alike in some ways while being completely different in others.  They actually end up being fairly good friends.


She has an on-again/off-again relationship with an 'opposing' mutant, Lance Alvers, aka: Avalanche.  There are several times when he tries to convince Kitty to join the Brother of Mutants with him, and others when he teams up with the X-Men... even a period of time when he attempts to join the X-Men to be with her.  She often returns his affections, but alternates between that and hating him for his association with the Brotherhood.  However, Kitty has to put this dislike for the BoM aside when Magneto creates a new team, the Acolytes.  The X-Men and the Brotherhood find themselves fighting off the Acolytes and, eventually, a large robotic mutant locator called the Sentinel.  The Sentinel appears to kill Magneto when, heavily damaged, it falls on him.  The mansion, however, is destroyed by Mystique disguised as Xavier, and the X-Men must rebuild in the midst of new anti-mutant sentiment with their now revealed identities.



Kitty is often naive and optimistic. Her outgoing attitude and bubbly mannerisms make her one of the popular kids in school. She's very idealistic, her somewhat sheltered upbringing giving her a wide-eyed view of the world around her despite her underlying intelligence. She likes to hang out at the mall, go dancing, and roller-blading. She can be a romantic at times, occasionally letting her on-again-off-again relationship with another student who happens to be a member of an opposing group of mutants, get the better of her decisions. She has a tendancy to occasionally come across as a 'valley girl'.


As Shadowcat, she buckles down. She's serious about her duties as a member of the X-Men. She's also serious about her studies as a student. She has a genius IQ, and it shows when she's focused. She uses her outgoing personality to maintain friendships with the rest of the team, as teamwork is of utmost importance to the X-Men. She's an honors student in all her classes, taking advanced science and math classes like Astrophysics and Trigonometry. She was also instilled with a respect for religious holidays by being raised Jewish, as is evidenced by her observance of Hanukkah with her parents.



Kitty can phase through solid objects at will. Her powers disrupt the electrical bonds between atoms, and, therefore, can destroy any electronic devices by short-circuiting them. She is also a whiz with computers, ironically enough, and is rarely without her laptop. She can phase others with her, up to approximately a dozen, as long as they maintain physical contact with her. She's trained to enter this state as a response to being threatened, such as when she hears a gunshot or if someone calls for her to look out.




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