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Road Kamelot

Page history last edited by Yaywon 9 years, 7 months ago

Road Kamelot

Aliases Noah of Dreams, 9th Disciple, Roadie
Canon D. Gray-man
Timeline Chapter 196
Gender Female
Age Over 35! / 13 in appearance
Species  Noah
Crimes committed first-degree murder, cruelty to animals (akuma), sexual harassment, aiding & abetting, manslaughter, kidnapping, hate crime, destruction to property, mental harassment, torture, verbal abuse, power abuse, manipulation, assault & battery, attempted murder, trespassing, associate to murder, loitering, wrath, pride, threats
Journal impaledcandles
Player Yaywon

     While her childish appearance and mannerisms are frequently shown throughout the story, Road is anything but innocent. She's manipulative to the bone. She enjoys pulling apart personal secrets and aggravating past injuries and is especially gleeful if they succeed in hurting or bothering the other. Road also hates humans and regards herself as a superior being. She likes nothing more than hurting exorcists, humans, and even akuma sometimes.


Road is a whiny, spoiled, and especially fickle brat. She complains about homework and the lack of 'fun' and isn't afraid to voice her annoyances. She's also very demanding and expects payment in return of favors (such as asking for candy from the Earl in return for creating the Ark). Her more spoiled personality comes through as she sometimes disregards what the Earl says (for example, telling Allen about the Noah despite Rero's misgivings and creating a game in the Ark). She's fickle in her affections; she kisses Allen in a moment of spontaneity, but shows no qualms in watching him die or hurting him. Road will also ignore those that don't seem 'fun' such as the time when she mocks and disregards Lenalee's attempts to escape her little bubble prison.


Despite all of these, Road is shown to be a caring and devoted individual. However, this exception can only apply to her family. Road cries over the Noah of Wrath's death. While she does disregard her tears somewhat, she acknowledges her Noah's mourning. Road also cares a lot for her family members, such as Tyki. When he responds with pain when she hit him in the chest, she displays enough worry to ask him what's wrong.




As the Noah of Dreams, Road comes equipped with a variety of extremely creepy and strong powers. Her primary ability is to create different dimensions based on her thoughts and sometimes other people's memories. She is the sole ruler in her dimension, as she is able to avoid death and devastating attacks with impunity. She's also able to transport others to her dimension and lets them out only on her whim.


Her other ability is making doors to her dimension or even other places. They act as a teleportation gate in a way and can only be accessed by herself and a key.


Road has also displayed telepathy, telekinesis, and regeneration.

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