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Trope Trickster
Canon Star Trek
Gender Male
Age Ageless
Species Q
Crimes committed Terrorizing multitudes of civilizations, kidnapping, pride, negligence, impersonating an officer, fraud, indecent exposure, theft, assault, abuse of powers, identity theft, vandalism, trespassing, disturbing the peace, property damage, coercion, invasion of privacy, disregard for public safety/welfare, espionage, stalking, inciting panic, slander, hijacking, treason, bribery, disorderly conduct, arrogance, loitering, and a few hundred more…
Journal snaps_to_it
Player Haunt




Before his appearance in Star Trek: The Next Generation's All Good Things... 



Q is arrogant, self-absorbed, mocking, easily bored, and occasionally generally interested in the growth and potential of others. He likes to keep himself amused often at the expense of others. It is ever so hard to find something that holds his interests after such an expansive life. Still, he does like to engage. He isn't content to waste away his existence doing nothing just because he's already tried everything. He actively seeks out and makes his own entertainment.


He has shown an interest in humanity, and in particular, Jean Luc Picard, captain of a Federation Starship. He is challenging and intriguing…for a lower life form. These humans have a spark of something in them that Q can't really deny. He sees great potential, but he knows it won't be easy. And while he seeks to help, he doesn't exactly seek to make it easier. He rewards those who hold his interest and he becomes fond of. It's just that they might not always consider what he offers to be a reward.


Q can be very playful and juvenile, but in an instant he can be deadly serious and even threatening. He enjoys agitating people to see how they will react whether by doing something simple like teasing or with more dramatic gestures. He is boastful and brazen and only really concerned with how things affect him. He enjoys playing various roles, which sometime involve costume changes or shape shifting.




Omnipotence and immortality. This includes, but is not limited to, shape shifting, teleportation of people and objects, manipulation of time and space, creation and destruction of something as small as a molecule or something as large as a galaxy. He also has an innate knowledge and insight of the universe and the wonders it contains, which is partially from millennia of experience. He can also glean a person's thoughts, desires, and various personal information. He demonstrates a fondness for theatrics and costume changes. Using his powers is generally accompanied by him snapping his fingers followed by the appearance of a burst of white light and sound.

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