Character Name

Aliases Iorogi, Prince of the Other World (?)
Canon Kobato.
Timeline Drop 19
Gender Male(?)
Age Possibly over 100
Species Supernatural, being of the Other World, blue plushie 8|
Crimes committed Conspiracy, rebellion, attempted invasion of Heaven, attempting to betray God, disloyalty, betrayal, violence, harassment, public drunkenness, 'child' abuse?, insubordination, wrath, gluttony, defacement of public and private property
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Do not let the fuzzy, cute stuffed animal appearance deceive you. Ioryogi is incredibly loud, rude, and beyond violent. The slightest thing can piss him off, but what makes him annoyed the most is naivety and stupidity. He definitely has some kind of authority complex, thinking nothing of abusing or sending Kobato to a fiery death whenever she does something stupid (which to him, is almost every second of every day of every month...etc.) His language is crude at best, as he does not waste words or try to soothe feelings. Ioryogi is probably the worst person to go to for comfort, as he would most likely kick you out of his range (unless you are Kobato to which he will grudgingly let you stay). He does not take kindly to people who demean him especially if they call him 'cute' or 'unassuming' with his plushie appearance. Ioryogi can still kick ass and he has no qualms in proving it.


Ioryogi does have some measures of respect for people however. He acknowledges Kobato's efforts in her 'healing of hearts' crusade. He also acknowledges God's authority despite his attempted 'betrayal' (an event that the Kobato canon unfortunately fudges up). Ioryogi is also on good terms with Kohaku, an angel banished from heaven. Whether or not he feels that he can relate to her exile is undetermined. Nevertheless, this shows that Ioryogi can get along with people.


For some strange reason, Ioryogi enjoys eating good food. How he consumes food in his strange little stuffed animal form....well, it certainly doesn't stop him from eating. Ioryogi loves sake, beer, and any types of alcohol. He also enjoys eating sweets.


Abilities: While Ioryogi has been hinted to have more supernatural and definitely stronger powers, most of his abilities have been restricted by his plushie form. Ioryogi is able to generate large blasts of fire from his mouth. He is also formidable with martial arts, able to pin down demons (his size) without difficulty. He has a true form, which is unknown in the Kobato. canon. Ioryogi is also able to detect angels or other heavenly/demon presences. He can also summon 'wish' bottles.