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Princess Zelda

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Princess Zelda

Image by Akira Himekawa

Aliases Sheik
Canon The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (game) 
Timeline Pre-capture, Adult Timeline
Gender Female
Age 17
Species Hylian
Crimes Committed negligence, fraud, reckless endangerment
Journal royalwisdom
Player Sandy

Princess Zelda is a character from The Legend of Zelda video game series.


Quick Facts:

  • She arrived on Day 35 and currently lives in the shelter.
  • She teaches music at Marina Academy. 
  • She is a healer on the Defense Force.


Important Links:




Compassionate, graceful, kind, and wise. These are a few words that come to mind when trying to describe Princess Zelda, but they are certainly not the only words to be said about her. While it is true that, unlike some characters, her personality is not hard to pin down and understand, there is still more to her than just a handful of adjectives. 

To start, Zelda plays the part of a princess very well, not because it is a role she was forced to accept, but because she truly cares for her kingdom and its people. She naturally places the concerns of others before her own, and once she has her heart set on helping someone, it will be hard to convince her to do otherwise. This is true for any other ideas she might have as well, which is why it is a good thing that her stubbornness is equally matched by her desire to find balance in all things.

The princess is not one to hide her emotions, and her expressions and body language reveal a lot about how she is feeling. Though she acts formally when the situation requires it, her everyday interactions tend to be somewhat casual. Moreover, there is a certain Gossip Stone in Hyrule that will tell you that Zelda is actually a tomboy. Beneath all that that calm elegance, she is hiding a mischievous and spirited nature that few people, apart from Impa and Link, get to see very often.

Zelda’s greatest strength is her wisdom, and paradoxically, her greatest weakness is her naiveté. She has a natural talent and the power of the Triforce of Wisdom to aid her in making good decisions; however, she lacks the experience necessary to understand when a problem is truly beyond her. It is in these situations that it becomes quite clear that she is still a girl of seventeen who has spent a large part of her life sheltered behind the walls of a palace and the rest of it with her consciousness locked away.

Nevertheless, she can be quite helpful when a small conflict needs a mediator, for she is able to look at an argument from different points-of-view and find a reasonable solution that balances the needs of all the parties involved. She is good at sensing those who have a righteous heart and will trust and befriend them easily. This same sense also allows her to be aware of those who are not so righteous and stay clear of them if possible. 




Zelda’s strength lies in magical rather than physical strength. She is able to wield a bow and has a strong throwing arm, but her powers as a Sage and the Triforce of Wisdom are stronger. Her main offensive attack is a strong blast of light magic, which she can use to blind, bind, and weaken her opponents. She is also able to produce light arrows and shoot them with a fair amount of accuracy. Her part of the Triforce allows her to judge where good openings are in a battle and use them to her advantage.

As for defensive abilities, she is able to produce strong barriers around herself and others if necessary. She can also teleport herself and others away from danger. Her other magical skills include healing, telepathy, and the ability to destroy barriers and seals as well as she is able to create them. In Marina, however, all of these powers are reduced.

Additionally, she has a good knowledge of music and can play both the harp and the ocarina very well.

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