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Risa Koizumi

Page history last edited by madeline 10 years, 8 months ago

Risa Koizumi

Aliases Jumbo-Gal
Canon LoveCom, Lovely Complex
Timeline Chapter 8
Gender Female
Age 15
Species Human, spaz.
Crimes committed Assault, verbal abuse, disturbing the peace, sloth.
Journal littlespring
Player madeline

Risa Koizumi is tall. Really, really tall. At 15 years old and 5'8, she towers over all her classmates. And while that's not a character trait, it does deeply inform her reactions, decisions and, especially, her self-image. Despite being a very pretty girl, with her long red hair, hazel eyes and slim build, she firmly believes that she is completely undesirable to the opposite sex because of her height.

And she doesn't really care much, until she falls in love (rather than another of the swift, fleeting crushes she picks up like ripples in a pond); then, quite suddenly, all of her self-image issues are thrown into sharp relief when the object of her affection turns out to be 5'1 Otani Atsushi. Known as All Hanshin-Kyojin by their classmates because of their caustic, scathing manner toward one another, they cause nothing but amusement for those they meet - especially at the suggestion that they might be romantically involved. Despite either laughing it off or loudly declaring that she'd have no interest in that shrimp anyway, Risa is deeply wounded by those reactions, and she blames her own looks entirely for Otani's apparent lack of interest in her.

In a way, she plays the role expected of her as a tall, gangly girl - she is rough-and-tumble, loud, brash, the 'funny girl' of her group (along with 'shy girl' Chiharu and 'cute girl' Nobu); she's always quick to come up with a scathing comeback, a skill she's developed from years of teasing; she does goofy things, like falling asleep on her feet during ceremonies and whiling away entire weeks in front of dating sims. When she does show pain in front of others, it is often a great, overdramatic display of depression or sloppy tears, too ridiculous to take seriously.

In private, though, Risa is very sensitive. The slightest hint of rejection from the object of her love can destroy her faith in herself, and when she is alone, she silenty berates herself for not being the 'right' sort of girl for boys to fall in love with. Almost everything people see of her is part of her front, her coping mechanism built to deal with the 'othering' affect of her height.

She is also a very good person at heart. She stands up for the downtrodden, and has since she was a young child; she would do anything for a friend, even if it means giving up something she longs for herself; even strangers who appear troubled will attract her attention. She has a lot of love and affection to give, and if anyone ever manages to crack her defensive shell, they'll find a true friend and, possibly, a devoted girlfriend.


Height: 5'8.

Build: Very slim, almost boyish.

Eyes: Hazel.

Hair: Red, long, usually in some wild style.

Costume: Always changing! Risa is a fashion plate.

Special Abilities: None.

Affiliations: None.

Pets: A Drifloon named Floon.

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