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Page history last edited by Jodie 10 years, 7 months ago


Aliases DeathCandy (DC), Jodster, Yoli, Yols,
Age 23
Birthdate May 31st

Some Chick

Location Pennsylvania
AIM JodieTakira
Journal silent_impulse

Jodie is blunt and loves to swear. If you are offended, she'll probably say "Live with it."


Okay, she's not that mean. Really.


Jodie is some hub bub lazy mellow chick from the suburbs who has wasted the past seven/eight million decades (read "years") existing on the internet playing these fuzzy things with innocent intentions until she was cursed with Kingdom, Foo'!Syndrome in 2007. And realized that anything fuzzy outside of Sonic (read "that ungodly fandom") is just not her cup of tea. We'll leave it at that. She still loves you, Aftermath.


Outside of being immature, Jodie is almost finished with her responsible, unfun things to do more responsible, unfun things. Ala she is getting her Bachelor's in Art Education by the end of summer and will be job hunting after that. She starts a summer job torturing doing artsy things with children in late June.


When Jodie isn't roleplaying or being responsible, she melts her mind with art, writing, and anime. Not much of a life, no?


Marina Victim:

Kairi - Kingdom Hearts - youlazybum

Other Victims:

Xion - Kingdom Heartsseasaltblues

Dr. Jackal - Getbackers smiling_judas

@ Ruby City RP

Tidus - Final Fantasy X dreamoffayth

@ Aliunde RPG

Roxas - Kingdom Hearts oath2oblivion

Cid Highwind - Final Fantasy VII/AC - x_thecaptain_x

Cloud Strife - Kingdom Hearts - unforgiven_eyes

 Sora - Kingdom Hearts - jadedkeyblade 

@ Kingdom Dressing


Potential Victims:

Amano Ginji - GetBackers

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