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Jun Ushiro

Page history last edited by Matt 10 years, 2 months ago

Jun Ushiro

Aliases Ushiro 
Canon Bokurano (manga version)
Timeline Immediately post-chapter 64


Age 13
Species Jerk Ass Human
Crimes committed Child abuse, assault, arrogance, disobeying authority, property damage, giving aid to a murderer (multiple counts), lying, endangering a universe, destruction of a universe, mass murder, destruction of a planet
Journal icanhearscreams
Player Matt

Ushiro is a jerk. Also he should technically be dead.


There's an "Important Notes" post here, but it contains very large spoilers for Bokurano.


Personality (also contains spoilers):


Jun has an extremely short fuse, from the beginning of the series to near the end. His short temper isn't helped by the fact that he's seen all the other child pilots die before him - and his mother, whom he didn't know was his mother until just before she died. He used to take his anger out on his sister Kana, because her mother died in childbirth with her and Jun thought that they shared a mother, so it was therefore Kana's fault that he had no mother. He does have one relatively close friend, Kanji, who knows Jun beats Kana, but doesn't say anything about it because Kana asked him not to. Ushiro tells Kanji that even though he wasn't in the contract (at that point), his other (semi-)friend Waku wasn't the only reason he stuck around.

After Kana dies, Jun starts to change in personality, at least a bit. He's still short-tempered, but he's a little more open to people. In fact, he likely had a small crush on Machi before she ended up in a coma. He was not originally contracted to be a pilot, but joined because he didn't want "outsiders" involved in what killed his sister. This shows that he does at least care a little bit for other people - he could have passed along the responsibility of becoming a pilot to someone else.

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