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What Are Your Thoughts on Backlogging?


RL happens. When we're coming back from a hiatus, when we lost track of a thread, when we've only just emerged from a perilous hole in the very fabric of space-time itself, we find ourselves tempted to tag on an old post. But how does the other player feel about old tags? How likely are they to respond if we toss a tag on a post from earlier in the week -- or earlier in the month? This post will be where we go to find out!





Backlogging is: apparently all I ever do, according to Kay. I will, in fact, continue forever-- something quite a few in Marina can attest to-- and I rarely lose interest in a thread. If it's going to be something important, details being talked out first is great, so there won't be any delayed reactions. Also, I am at the whims of IJ notifs, so feel free to poke me if I seem to have missed a tag.

Characters: Tear (tag), Saber (tag), Shiki Ryougi (tag)



Backlogging is: awesome! However, I get distracted and gmail likes to really confuse me with notifs, so please please poke me on AIM if I've forgotten to tag you back. Dropped threads are sad.

Characters: Nunnally (tag)



Backlogging is: in most cases, exciting and good! If I've had a LOT of threads on a post I've made, or your character's response will be very similar to another thread that has already happened in that post, I do prefer you to ask first. But otherwise, go for it!

Characters:  Ciaphas Cain (tag), the Peregrine Mendicant (tag)



Backlogging is: I WILL DO IT FOREVER so long as it doesn't require ridiculous retconning of future threads or anything. If I want to do another thread with that character further down the line, I may ask that things be handwaved or finished up though.

Characters: Maya Fey (tag) and Milly.



Backlogging is: Awesome. I'll backlog anything and everything, provided I get the notifs for it. If pinging is required, that's fine too.

Characters: Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima (tag) and Amaterasu (tag)



Backlogging is: Something I'm always happy to do to finish threads. Dropped threads make me sad. However, the older a thread is the more likely I am to start phoning in my tags, so at a point it is best to wrap them up. Also, once a post is up a few days I'm usually less interested in getting new tags for it unless it is a special circumstance or we've discussed it in advance.

Characters: Euphemia li Britannia (tag), Yuuri Shibuya  (tag), Kitty Pryde (aoa) (tag), and Sam Winchester (tag).



Backlogging is: totally cool! I am kind of massively spastic, so please smack me a bunch if I'd derped off on you, be it through AIM, email, or HMD. I may drop threads if I'm totally swamped with stuff, tho, so be warned.

Characters: Jun Takashi, (tag).



Backlogging is: Not something I'm good at. I very often fail to respond or drift away. If you want to backtag, you may want to ask me first, and I apologize in advance!

Characters: Allen Walker (tag), Lelouch vi Britannia  (tag), Fuuma (tag), Roxas (tag), and Orihime Inoue (tag)



Backlogging is: Totally and completely fine. I'm sometimes a little slower if brand-new posts are stealing my attention, but I've been known to backlog things from two months ago.

Characters: Jade Curtiss (tag), Suzaku Kururugi (tag), Yu Kanda (tag), Yuri Lowell (tag)



Backlogging is: Fine with me! As long as it doesn't create too much of a Pime Taradox. |D I also have a tendency to drop threads because what is attention span so just poke me if you need a response.

Characters: Naoya (tag), Jun Ushiro (tag), Yosuke Otoha (tag) , Tobias (tag), Allelujah Haptism (tag)



Backlogging is: A trial in patience! Of which I have spades. Actually, because of my RL obligations, I can't really tag very much on Monday and Tuesday so I'm probably one of the ones who will end up tagging 2-3 days back in the first place. So, if you don't mind me doing it, I won't mind if you back tag on my posts/threads either! Just beware that it may take me a few days to get a tag in sometimes depending on how many open threads I'm still working on. If a thread is older than 3 weeks old, I may ask to hand wave the rest of the interaction unless it's plot-centric mainly because, as I said, the more threads I accumulate, the slower I get.

Characters: Jennifer (tag), Hei/Li (tag), Greed/Ling (tag), Diva (tag), Dean Winchester (tag), and Fou (tag)



Backlogging is: A-OK with me, but please poke me first! I just prefer to not be blind-sided by anything that's of the previous in-game day or earlier, if possible, since I might want to talk about how it affects current threads, things to avoid so there doesn't have to be any ret-conning. At worst, I may want to hand-wave something and just plan a new, current thread with you instead! It's pretty rare that I don't want to tag something old because I love playing things out, and I like to think I'm pretty good about finishing threads, so don't be hesitant please!

It's also rare that I go more than 1-2 days without tagging everything, since I like to be timely. If you see me going over 3 days without tagging me back, please poke me because I might have lost the notif/tab and I will terrible if I go to my timelines the next week and find I dropped a thread. ;_;

Characters: Ashton Anchors (tag), Jeanne Francaix (tag), Neil Dylandy / Lockon Stratos I (tag), Terezi Pyrope (tag), Touma Kamijou (tag)


Sailor Gundam 06

Backlogging is: Totally cool. I'm always looking for CR and often backlog myself, so... go for it. If there is something important that you want to have happen, just let me know first so I can include it in any future threads that might pop up before the old one is finished. If backtagging is not cool with you, then I definitely want to plot out a resolution that we can handwave in. ^_^

Characters: Duo Maxwell (tagjournal), Kitty Pryde - Evolution (tagjournal), MOMO Mizrahi (tagjournal), Tieria Erde (tagjournal)



Backlogging is: mostly okay. Just catch me on AIM/Plurk first if one of these two things applies to the post you are about to tag: A) It is a Very Important Plotty thread in which it has been one week since the last submitted tag in the thread. B) It is a normal thread in which it has been over two weeks since the last tag.

Characters: Princess Zelda (tag)



Backlogging is: probably all I will ever do while I'm in school. /fail Therefore I have absolutely no issues with it. xD I'm horribly fail, so if I don't reply, just ping me or something. I have the memory of a goldfish.

Characters: Fai D. Flourite (tag)



Backlogging is: I'm alright with it, but I am INCREDIBLY derp with keeping track and combing back for the logs/threads. Please, please ping me - either on a subject line, HMD, email, or AIM (whenever I'm on) and I will get back to it as soon as possible!

Characters: Road Kamelot (tag), Sakura Kinomoto (tag), Faith Lehane (tag), Minako Aino (tag), Carolina Forbes


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