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The Post Office

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The Post Office


A tiny building in Sector 1 with a convenient metal drop box. During office hours, you can drop-off and pick-up packages at the counter, or stop by to put the finishing touches on your parcel using the stationery and packing supplies.

There are two hand-made signs: one demonstrating how to address your mail, and the other displaying the rules, which is posted both by the drop box and inside the post office. Naturally, these guidelines can be broken or bent as suits your character's personality, but the parcel mistress in charge will be VERY angry if she finds out, and of course the Defense Force will be involved for safety-endangering abuses.


How It Works (the tl;dr version)

1. Submit mail OOCly

2. Wait for the Mail Post

3. Your letter will be posted and linked!


How It Works (the detailed version)

The Peregrine Mendicant conducts her route every day in the late afternoon to early evening (Friday [GMT-6]). In-character, this equates to around 4:30-5 pm, meaning the post is slightly backdated.

The Mail Post that goes up on Friday is a very all-purpose action/voice post for all things Mail. You are absolutely welcome to play out anything relevant to the mail, or to interact with PM. However, you are welcome to leave a brief reaction to receiving mail, and nothing more.

To submit mail, go to the submission post in her journal and follow the format. Note that if a package's contents obviously break the guidelines, PM will not automatically deliver it without IC interaction.

To see the mail posts in action, click here for the :mail tag on the IC community!


Ways you can tag the mail post!

Receiving mail

Action threads catching PM on her route

Responses to any voice broadcasts (when applicable)

Threading with the person who sent or received mail to/from your character

Character doesn't know how the postal system works or how to write letters, and wants PM's advice

Having your pet dog/cat/eevee try to chase the mail lady

Anything else along these lines!

Have a question that wasn't covered here? It can be placed on the Peregrine Mendicant's HMD, or on the mail submission post.


Fun stuff (?)

Want to make a fancy graphic letter rather than a texual one? Great! You can do that with pretty much any graphics client, and if you don't have one, try Paint.NET. Some stuff you might find useful depending on your level of commitment:


Stock paper textures and Stationery from Deviant Art - use and credit as requested by uploader somewhere--even if just in your profile.

Dafont.com's free fonts - Especially recommend "handwritten" section!

The "official" stamp - For making envelopes! Not required, but amusing. I use Tahoma or a similar font for the date in the middle, formatted as "Day ___". Recommend some form of fading to make it look like an actual stamp, even if it's just lowering the opacity on the layer.


Please try to keep letters displayed directly into the post a maximum of 800 pixels wide--this isn't a hard and fast rule, just a general guideline. If it's much larger by necessity, feel free to just use a text URL or an envelope image link instead.

Characters do not have to specify their address at any point whatsoever, even for envelopes, but you're welcome to make one up if you like! Example addresses:


Ciaphas Cain

Room 245

Sector 0

The Peregrine Mendicant

Marina Asylum Post Office

Sector 1


22 15th St.

Sector 4

Eager Recipient

6 Main St. #12

Sector 3








Liberty. Reason. Justice. Civility. Edification. Perfection.




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