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Page history last edited by Val 8 years, 8 months ago

This was Val when she temporarily dropped from Marina to focus on schoolwork.

Obviously, Val should never drop from Marina ever again.



Val is a senior in college, which basically means that all she ever does is backtag.  If she can manage tagging even once a day, then it should be considered a miracle and precautions should be taken lest the world implode.  Val likes to talk in third person sometimes (like right now).  She also really likes cheese and has three pounds of it sitting in her fridge.  Val has recently developed a love for homemade pizza and is going to get really fat if she doesn't learn some self control. :<


Val is Asian, which used to mean a lot back when she lived in a predominately white suburban neighborhood but now means she's another faceless person in a sea of Asians on her campus.    She is majoring in biology and taking a crapton of advanced bio classes and labs.  It means she is headdesking a lot.


She currently plays:


shinwoo han ➺ noblesse ➺ latetoclass

vanessa nightray ➺ pandora hearts ➺ bitchslapping

xerxes break ➺ pandora hearts ➺ madmadhatter


She also used to play a whole crapton of other characters and her character patterns seem to be: lizards, mommies, and badass dudes who lose their eyes. 


Her current fandom of choice is Pandora Hearts.  Not the best fandom to be fond of, because it leads to all brainbreak, all the time.  You can catch her ranting about Mochijun's trolliness on plurk almost all the time.  She is also an avid fan of CLAMP, Disney, and Ouran High School Host Club, and will frequently chime in if you bring any of those up.  In non-manga/anime-land, she obsesses over Doctor Who and The Big Bang Theory, as well as Discworld and Kushiel's Legacy.  


Val's tagging speed, as quoted by a friend: "I feel like the speed of Val is like watching paint dry, but a lot more dynamic."

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