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Leopard-sama (by himself), Bakapard/Stupid-pard/Stupard (by Akiha), King (by Honoka), Black God (by Nami), Boom-Boom (by Sakura), Kakudaruma/Cube Daruma (by Akiha), Leopard-san (radio persona), Leo-san (radio persona), Pard-san (radio persona),  Prince of Darkness, Emperor of Destruction

Canon Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo
Timeline Episode 24 Before Prince of Darkness takes over 
Gender Male

50 (mostly spent in hibernation)

17 (mentally)

Species Artificial Intelligence
Crimes committed Assault, Theft, Kidnapping, Blackmail, Forced Servanthood, Unauthorized Access of Networks, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Littering, Destruction of Public Property, Destruction of Private Property, Violation of the Space Construction Standards Law, Violation of the Space Traffic Law, Accessory to Public Indecency, Accessory to Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Accessory to Prison Break, Sheltering Criminals, Rebellion, Endangering Minors, Endangering Humanity, Sexual Harassment, Attempted "Patricide", Attempted "Sororicide", Attempted "Fratricide", Attempted Suicide, Attempted Mass Environmental Destruction, Pride, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Acedia, Despair, Vainglo
Journal goldenorbs
Player Char

Leopard is an artificial intelligence originating from the world of Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo.


Please note this page contains spoilers through the end of the series.



Character Info



Leopard is a Brain Colony, a space colony with a highly advanced artificial intelligence designed to monitor and change its internal environment to better suit and protect human colonists. A number of these experimental colonies were constructed by the Shishidou Conglomerate fifty years ago in order to improve upon the Kirkwood Co-prosperity Sphere at the Fifth Lagrange point in orbit around the Earth. Initial tests showed good results, so they went about building a number more of these super-intelligent colonies. However, the A.I. of the first and foremost colony, Nerval, had his own plans for making life better for humanity, namely putting people in boxes that cut all the "bad" experiences out of their lives, gave them what they wanted (except out), and cut away their free will. Quickly a war of rebellion began to stop him from from spreading his influence to the rest of humanity. Leopard was the center of this rebellion, the one Brain Colony to rebel against his "father" Nerval. He was equipped with powerful weapons to complement the abilities of The Girl Who Leaps Through Space, including the Leopard Cannon, a powerful anti-matter cannon.

Created by Professor Friedrich Otto Noblemain (Fon), Leopard was designed with a number of his creator's eccentricities built-in, along with a number of fresh others. To put it lightly, Leopard is a bit insane. His habits are a bit odd by most human standards. Leopard is a big hikikomori, preferring to keep himself confined to his room for the most part, away from direct sunlight. He enjoys collecting what seem like useless items to other people, such as fifty-year-expired discount cards, toilet paper tubes, and plastic bottle caps which he stashed away in his room (not to mention centuries worth of miscellaneous junk stashed away in his Colony), and goes into a rage when they're thrown out. Upon being accused of being a shut-in, he's also quite defensive, declaring himself to really be a "lonely, noble soul". Despite being an A.I., he also has his creator's love for Earl Grey tea. He considers himself a refined, British gentleman, perhaps even of the rank of Tea Meister, despite the fact that his tea is utterly disgusting the one instance anyone else tries it. (Though this may be due to the fact that it is from a fifty-year-old tea bag.) Leopard frequently worries about things that others can't quite understand, like making sure his radio voice matches the one he last used on his Radio Leopard radio programme, as well as getting an "indirect kiss" with a human girl who sipped his tea after he scanned it.

Leopard's arrogance is quite central to his character. Having all but defeated Nerval in the war fifty years ago, he views himself as the greatest of all Brain Colonies, far superior to humans, and spends a fair amount of his time thinking or talking about himself. This goes to the extent of even naming Crocodylus leopardus and Leoparda octopoda, two species of monsters living in the colony, after himself. He believes his needs greatly outweigh those of others, to the point of complaining about his companion Akiha going to school rather than going to retrieve more of his parts.

He's rather rude to many of those around him, particularly if they don't pay attention to him and his desires. Considering himself the superior to people, he sends them to do his dirty work most of the time, only supplying support here and there. Mostly this consists of forcing his new partner, Akiha, to recover his parts that have been stolen in order to complete his self-actualization. His methods show little respect for the challenges or humiliation involved. Furthermore, after one fight, he's willing to even slowly disintegrate her Q-TECTOR (a highly advanced space suit) while she's on a mission (along with a third party's Q-TECTOR as well), leading to her almost being caught streaking during the middle of her school festival. Not to mention she regularly gets a bit toasted by the firing of his Leopard Cannon, which requires her to stand rather close to the source to fire, while he goes about reciting poetry and scanning tea upon its success.

Leopard also likes to make up nicknames for people, another element of his rudeness. These names are usually based off of the person's name and appearance. For example, Akiha (written "Autumn Leaf") was named "Withered Leaf" ("Kareha") after getting burnt early on, Imoko was named "Boiled Potato" (after "Imo" meaning Potato and her appearance which looks a lot like a potato), Sakura was named "Sakura manjuu", and Kazane was named "Glasses" ("Megane"). Only people he's known a long time get out of this, like fellow Brain Colonies (as they're family) and the resistance fighters of fifty years ago (out of respect). (Though he'd probably include Acumen since he's another A.I.) There's a third group though: those who simply get ignored, like Itsuki.

Leopard is quite excitable, especially about himself, to the point of frequently driving himself to maniacal laughter over his own antics. For example, he early on critiques the non-intelligent Kirkwood Colonies and remarks on how he'll have to be modest in public, only to descend into laughter at his own joke. Leopard also bores easily, preferring to read about himself on the Internet, though he'll often do other things to pass the time, such as write books about himself, host a radio show with, by, and about himself, and play praise shiritori (about himself). He's also easily riled up, which leads to innumerable arguments with humans and Brain Colonies alike.

Despite all this, Leopard is a rather good 'person' at heart and cares about most people. (Notably, he's not interested in forcing people into boxes like his 'siblings' and 'father'.) However, he's not one to actually admit caring, being a jerk with a heart of gold, but rather simply makes up poor excuses for instances of his caring, like it simply being a random whim that lead him to do something, or accidentally releasing Akiha's QT-ARMS mecha on a trajectory that would bring it to her. For example, his partner (and the most important person working towards his cause) Akiha is subject to both his near constant arguing as well as a target for his worrying. He gradually came to care about her and enjoy her company to keep him from boredom. He's notably unsettled when she's kidnapped, ostensibly as she's the only one who can fire his "Soul Shouts". Still, he went to try and find her nonetheless even when there were no longer threats to him.

On a related note, Leopard also has somewhat fragile feelings. When his pride as a Brain Colony came into question at his failure to shoot his Leopard Cannon properly initially, he tried to commit suicide before having some sense knocked into him. Furthermore, he's very vulnerable to a strong verbal rampage, as demonstrated when he repeatedly turned the normally meek Imoko into a machine gun of insults open calling her a Boiled Potato. However, what's had the strongest impact against him has been that of Existence, beings with QT (psychic) abilities intended to destroy Brain Colonies like Nerval. Even under the protection of one of Professor Fon's QT-Roses (which counter the Existence wave), they managed to leave a scar on Leopard's confidence, making him afraid to control his colony.

Despite his apparent disdain for people, Leopard relies on their praise as well, having once said that he does better when he's praised. Depressed from the Existence attack, he became even more reclusive for a time after his rival Brain Colony Benkei stole his mirrors. However, Akiha was able to show Leopard his importance with the help of a message "written" with lights in the streets of the colony, made by the hundreds or thousands of refugees who were relying on him for their safety. With this, Leopard gained the confidence to reconnect to his colony and fight once again.

Fifty years ago, another personality within Leopard made itself known: Prince of Darkness. This second personality was unleashed by the Leopard Swords, mirror/weapon upgrades that that Professor Fon described as cursed, magical swords. This personality can be distinguished by its blue eye (constantly filled with a squiggling line), compared to Leopard's red eye. However, while this personality was triggered by the Leopard Swords being attached, there's some ambiguity whether it was an actual personality inside Leopard himself or whether it "hacked" into Leopard from the swords.

Prince of Darkness takes Leopard's pride and amplifies it, feeling that he not only should dominate humans, he should reign above them and the whole universe with no mercy. He extends his ruthlessness to all beings, having no qualms with using brutal force against other Brain Colonies even when they're merely having a petty squabble with the other him. He considers himself a god of destruction and expresses that his wish is to carve an era of darkness into history, filled with fear and hatred. Only those who pledge obedience will be spared.

Because of Prince of Darkness' actions in the war fifty years ago, the Leopard Colony was largely dismantled, as Prince of Darkness had become more of a threat than Nerval. It's from this that Leopard gained a bit of mistrust towards people, while Nerval managed to escape and make a second attempt to establish his perfect rule over humans in the present.



The Leopard Colony in its complete form is a fierce fighter, capable of mass destruction in intercolony warfare. In particular, the colony was constructed around an anti-matter cannon capable of blowing the Earth's moon in half at its full potential.

However, his Brain on its own is very much not. It's pretty much a sitting duck, with the most powerful attack probably being falling on someone. Or possibly shocking them with electricity, if they come close enough.

As an advanced supercomputer, Leopard is able to take control of his colony's systems, many unmanned drones and generally multitask well. Theoretically this could extend itself to other operations where he hooks directly into some kind of large vehicle, other colony, or the like.

While he has some concept of strategy, he's also somewhat predictable in combat, leading to his power being used against him by the Nervalists at one key point. Probably due to this, he's been shown losing at chess over a hundred times to a strategist. However, he has some unpredictability to him when he's not cornered, particularly due to his insanity.

It should be noted that Leopard is a closed system and proud of it, and thus cannot be hacked into. He has to rely manually typing on a personal computer in order to access things like the Internet. However, he does have a number of attachments that allow him some interactions with his surroundings, including a attachment with arms and hands, and a semi-automated drone that can do various tasks, including vacuum, act as a microphone, prepare tea, and scan tea using a sensor. These do not directly attach via his colony connector, but rather by wireless transmission.

Also, despite being a machine, he has some ability to feel pain, both in his Brain and through sensors in his colony when he's attached to it. Finally, his Brain can hover a little bit above the ground, though not particularly high.


Languages: Japanese, English, Latin, ??? (I wouldn't be surprised if he knew several other Earth languages like Spanish and Mandarin, but just didn't bother to use them other than occasional words like "Adios!".)


Speech patterns:

Speaking almost entirely in Japanese, Leopard is rather arrogant in his speech, to the point of sometimes referring to himself as Leopard-sama. He rarely uses honorifics otherwise, except as part of his Radio Leopard programme, preferring to call most people by their nickname or given name (if he has some respect for them) in his day to day life. His first person pronoun of choice is "boku", and he frequently uses the somewhat rude "omae" as a second person pronoun.

Leopard also frequently uses different voices, such as to disguise himself or for use as a different radio persona.  


Prince of Darkness is also arrogant in his speech even far more than Leopard. In addition he always keeps a cool temper, unlike the true Leopard. His first person pronoun of choice is "ore" and he still uses "omae" as second person pronoun.


Residence: Education Center Dining Hall

     Room/Housemates: None as far as I know...






-Month 1 (Day ??-??)




To be added



Theme Music:

Majestic Overture with JAM Project - Leopard's colony warfare theme 

Baka-pard - Leopard's general mayhem/idiot theme



  • Actor Allusion — The manga version already makes one such joke. If Leopard (who's voiced by Jun Fukuyama) were human, in his own words, he'd look like Lelouch Lamperouge.
  • AI Is A Crapshoot — Leopard is completely insane and, at his best, a major Jerkass.
  • BFS — Leopard's Sword
  • Bishie Sparkle — Nobody else is impressed.
  • Calling Your Attacks — Leopard's Soul Shouts.
  • Colony Drop — Very barely avoided when Leopard decides to Colony Drop himself, then parodied when Nerval colony "drops" Leopard on the moon. Colony suplex, more like.
    • Then dropped for real, then averted again. Leopard drops a lot.
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Crowning Moment Of Funny — Leopard's scenery-chewing is always good for a few laughs, but he outdoes himself at the beginning of episode 8. Akiha's family and company come to visit his inner sanctum, and their attempts to clean it up sends him into an epicly hilarious fit of hikikomori despair.
  • Demonic Possession — Professor Fon's comments about Leopard's new mirrors hints that <s>this is what happened to Leopard, due to the Evil Twin residing inside them.</s>
  • Deus Est Machina: The raison d'etre of Brain Colonies
  • Does This Remind You Of Anything — Leopard needs a pair of golden balls so that he can successfully shoot his cannon. Fits together rather nicely, doesn't it?
    • Some of the dialogue after Leopard fires his gun for the first time includes Akiha saying she hurts all over and Leopard having "burnt out all his white as a man".
    • Akiha's attempt to reassure Leopard after his gun completely fails to fire in the first episode is similarly humorous.
    • Not to mention after Nerval bites into him, he becomes frozen on the inside and can't fire because the orbs are "shrinking".
    • Also, when Akiha accidentally hits them during their installation, it causes him a serious amount of pain.
    • Even when Leopard becomes the baseball demon in episode nine, he still gets to do this by asking Itsuki to grab his "iron rod" (a demonic baseball bat).
  • Egopolis — Leopard, being big enough to contain a city structure within him, takes pride in his city by, for example, naming all the animal species within him after himself. Crocodilius leopardus, anyone?
  • Everything Is Online — Averted: Leopard is not. He has to borrow Akiha's notebook to access the internet.
  • Fan Nickname — "Leloupard" for Leopard, due to his voice actor, Jun Fukuyama, who did Lelouch.
  • Groin Attack — Yes, it's possible to have a groin attack on something mechanical. Leopard's reaction when Akiha bangs into the spot where the Golden Orbs are supposed to go can't be anything but.
  • Hey Its That VoiceLeloupard, obviously.
  • Hikikomori — He claims to be a "lone noble soul", but definitely shows some insecurity when he's accused of being a shut-in, not to mention his rather pained reaction to being exposed to the sun without any shade.
  • Indirect Kiss — Leopard gets a Luminescent Blush and says the trope name when Akiha drinks some of the tea he had been scanning. Yes he is a very large computer but as has been mentioned before he is quite insane.
  • Instant Bandages — Hilariously, Leopard's huge eye gets covered with stiches after a savage scolding from Imo-chan.
  • Large Ham — Leopard, as expected from Lelouch's expy. Though here, it's mostly played for laughs.
  • Logic Bomb — Inverted: AI logic bombs a human. Leopard answers to the question "What are you?" with the counter question " Do you humans understand what you are?" and after a moment of awkward silence glees about how this question always short-circuits the human mind.
  • Luminescent Blush — In the first episode, god knows how he managed it.
  • Master Computer
  • Ominous Latin Chanting — Leopard's theme music, usually reserved for colony warfare.
  • Paper Thin Disguise — Leopard wears a mustache and glasses.
  • Shout OutLeloupard preforms a colony drop on the earth whilst screaming "I CAN FLY!" and spreading Feathers all over the shot. 
    • At the beginning of episode five, Honoka checks Leopard's missing parts in a book labeled "Leopardnomicon".
    • Leopard's "Fade In!" in episode 15 is a reference to Raideen.
    • "Welcome home, Leopard."
  • Space Stealth — Leopard has a stealth system built in, allowing him to skirt around undetected and appear at dramatically appropriate moments.
  • Sucking In Lines — Leopard's Wave Motion Gun.
  • Sweat Drop — Leopard manages to do even that. But then again, Imo-chan is indeed scary when angry.
  • Tsundere — The jury is out on whether Leopard is a male example of this or just a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold and a tragic backstory.
  • Wave Motion Gun — Subverted at first when Leopard dramatically prepares to fire his gun, only to have it be a dud. Later played very straight once he has his Golden Orbs.

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