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Roxanne Richter

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Roxanne Richter

Aliases Roxie
Canon Scott Pilgrim
Timeline Just prior to being killed
Gender Female
Age 24-ish
Species Half-ninja
Crimes committed Assault, assault with a deadly weapon, stalking, attempted murder, breaking and entering
Journal bifurious
Player Ketsu

Personality: Roxie Richter is the former college roommate and fourth evil ex-lover of heroine Ramona Flowers. Even though they're no longer dating, Roxie and Ramona are still on good enough terms that Ramona lets Roxie stay the night at her house, and they didn't even make out that much. She's by far the nicest member of the League of Evil Ex-Boyfriends, but that's not really saying much, as she still would like to chop Scott Pilgrim's head off. But, hey, you've got to start somewhere.

To the people she cares for, Roxie isn't that bad of a person. She's blunt, brash, and to the point (and isn't above physical violence to prove a point, but then again she lives in a world that runs on video game physics and everyone knows it, so it's not quite as bad as it would be in the real world), but she has good points, too. She's the sort of person who would defend to the death someone she loves. And while she's not the type to get sappy or emotional, she is more than capable of love and friendship.

Roxie is a ninja -- well, half ninja, but don't worry, she doesn't have an inferiority complex about it or anything. Yes she does. Actually, she apparently has issues with her mother or something, and constantly feels as though she doesn't measure up to whatever standard she's supposed to meet. She's also self-conscious about her weight. Because of this, Roxie is angry a lot of the time, quick to snap at anyone who contradicts or disagrees with her.

Abilities: To begin with, Roxie is half ninja. She can move with almost ninja-like speed and stealth, so quickly, in fact, that she can appear to be teleporting, especially when combined with the use of smoke bombs.

More impressive, however, is the use of Subspace. While Subspace isn't very well defined most of the time, what is clear is that it can be entered through special Subspace doors, upon which stars are marked to signify their purpose, and while inside Subspace, one can only exit back into reality through another door. Subspace doors aren't always there, though, so it's possible that someone skilled in traveling through Subspace can make the doors appear.

Though they don't always, Subspace highways tend to run through people's heads. For a highway that does, its appearance will vary based on the imagination of the person whose head it is; if they're dreaming, then anyone traveling through the Subspace highway through their head will wind up in that dream and be able to interact with the dreamer. Roxie is highly skilled in the use of Subspace; she taught Ramona everything she knows. SADLY, she will not be able to access it in Marina. :c

On the off chance that Roxie is killed while in Marina, she will split in two and release several small, adorable, fluffy animals for the remaining inmates to adopt. D'awww.


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